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    Integrate, Template Or Both!

    Use our built in reporting features, or integrate forms2mobile with your existing apps, systems, workflows, and business processes.

    Effortlessly create custom reports and documents that can be sent instantly using templates. Take forms2mobile to the next level and integrate with your existing systems using our REST API.

Not just another data silo.

Getting data out is just as important as getting data in. So we built in integration and templating features to satisfy even the most demanding scenarios.

Sometimes you will need to quickly & easily send data that’s been collected. From simple confirmations, invoices, compliance certificates, or full surveys and reports. Applying a simple Word or Excel template gives you ultimate control.

Many organisations will need to integrate forms2mobile with their own systems & data. Built in connectors like Google Drive, Dropbox, & Microsoft OneDrive are complemented by our RESTful API. Giving you full control of data at every stage of your process.

Industry Leading Features

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  • Connectors

    Plug in to your favourite apps

    Our growing collection of built in connectors allow you to quickly plug in to your favourite apps and services. Save files straight to Dropbox, add rows direct to a Google Spreadsheet, or send an SMS with Twilio. Quickly share your data with the people that matter.

  • File Attachments

    PDF, CSV, Text File, etc…

    Choose from a variety of built in document formats. PDF’s for instant client or management output, CSV’s for the accounts team, or just a plain old text file. Further enhance your outputs using custom Word or Excel templates

  • Document Templates

    Go Paperless

    Got a document template that you print out and give to your team to complete? Simply upload your existing Word or Excel templates and have you data completed automatically. Create custom reports, client receipts, insert images, repeating data, locations, signatures. Limitless possibilities.

  • Exception Reporting

    Right Data, Right Person, Right Time

    Exception reports will typically follow your predefined business processes. Taken a reading that exceeds tolerances? Need to escalate an issue to a different department or manager? Notify the right people with the right information at the right time.


    Connect to almost any external service

    Our REST API connector allows you to plug in to any service that exposes a REST API. Pull your own data into our mobile platform. Push collected data back into your systems. A comprehensive set of interfaces allow your developers to deeply integrate our mobility platform with your existing systems.

  • Single Sign On

    Extensible Enterprise Security

    No need to maintain a separate set of user accounts. Connect to a variety of identity providers to enable seamless enterprise security.

  • forms2mobile SQL Sync

    SQL Sync – Cloud Synchronisation

    Our cloud based, database sync add on. Automatically synchronise a variety of data between our mobility platform and your local SQL servers.

  • Professional Services

    We’re here to help

    Whether you are looking for form & report building, workflow analysis & automation, or help integrating forms2mobile with apps and software you already use. Our experienced team of analysts and developers are here to help. Contact our friendly team today to discuss your project.