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August App Updates

Written by Jamie
August 30, 2016
forms2 mobile app update


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Coming Soon to an App Store near you!

Our latest round of mobile form app updates are about to drop into the app stores. We’ve covered a lot of ground in the past few months and our latest update reflects the hard work we’ve been putting in behind the scenes.

We’ve enhanced some existing features, introduced some brand new features and we’ve squashed a couple of bugs along the way.

Sit down, strap in and lets go!

Updates for our Mobile Apps

Our latest app update will be hitting your stores in the coming weeks. Be sure to check out and test the new features before rolling the update out to your teams. Not only have we got some exciting new features, but we’ve added some improvements and fixes along the way too.

New Barcode Field Features

  • NEW FEATURE – “On Scan” option for Barcode scan events
    Every time you successfully scan a barcode you can now specify an interaction. For example you could launch the phone dialler, browser, navigate to a different page or open up a new screen. This opens up a host of dynamic scenarios within your apps.
  • NEW FEATURE – “Show Inline” option for Barcode fields
    No need to open a full screen barcode scan. Now you can embed the scanner window right in your form pages. This will help speed up scanning without the need for a ‘Scan’ button.
  • NEW FEATURE – accuracy options; “Supported Format” and “ITF Minimum Length”
    Until now our barcode field has matched against 9 of the common barcode formats. This works great most of the time but can prove a bit fiddly if your barcodes are small or bunched up close together. You can now specify exactly the barcode format you will be scanning along with the code length. This means greater scan accuracy when targeting particular barcodes, as well as supporting short four digit ITF barcodes.

New Formula Features & Functions

  • NEW FUNCTION – TASK() access to linked Task information in Form entries
    You’ll often find a need to pull key information from a Task into a linked form activity. Let’s say you want to calculate time frames in a form using the ‘Complete By’ date/time value from the task, now you can!
    TASK() has been created to fulfil just such a requirement. Using the TASK(‘COMPLETEBY’) formula you can now pull the date/time from the task that launched the screen.
  • Image fields with GPS data now supported by LAT() and LON() functions
    You’ll no doubt have noticed the ‘Include GPS Information’ box within media fields. Great for displaying on maps; now you can use the geo data from your images in the LAT() and LON() functions giving you greater formula flexibility.

Improvements to Form Screen

  • “Exit Without Save” Confirmation option can now be disabled
    By default all screens have a double confirmation when a user wants to exit a form. The ‘Exit Without Save’. This can be useful if you want to give the ability to edit a row in a data source from within another screen. Be careful though, this double confirmation has saved many a form entry from being lost!
  • Don’t Allow Repeat Deletes option
    This new feature allows you to hide the delete button [X] from the top of repeatable pages. This can be useful if deleting for example ‘pre-populated data’ in a repeatable page. If deleting this data could cause a problem you can now hide the delete button [X] when repeatable pages should remain in place.

General Improvements

  • NEW OPTION – “User Filtering Overrides Default Filter” in Mapping and Listing Screens
    Based on customer feedback we’ve added a new option for filtering. For mapping & listing screens we recently added the ability to apply a default filter to rows in a data source. We also built in the functionality to have this filter override a users custom filter. You can now let users apply their own filters that can override the default filter.
  • NEW OPTION – “Search Pattern” in Mapping and Listing Screens
    When using the auto-complete feature in mapping & listing screens, the default would be to filter rows based on a user entered search string and matching anywhere within the values of the rows being displayed. You can now replace the matching behaviour from the default using regular expressions.
  • NEW FEATURE – Last updated date/time now included with Hosted GET calls for data sources
    To provide you with the last updated value for data sources we’ve introduced the ‘lastupdateds’ query parameter. Hosted GET functionality would previously return a single date/time for all data sources included in a request. This value would have been the oldest date/time. Now, comma separated and in order of data source id’s, we now provide the value for each individual data source.

Fixes in the next forms2mobile release

  • FIXED – Save and Exit functionality had occasional crash issues
  • FIXED – Android; Cameras on certain devices had rotation issue
  • FIXED – iOS; Disappearing map button with horizontal layout, clearing selected location values
  • FIXED – iOS; ‘Add Row’ table button icon display issue
  • FIXED – Title bar buttons on detail screens would sometime launch incorrect interaction
  • FIXED – When using ‘Bind to Data Source Column’ option local data sources on device would sometimes fail to update
  • FIXED – Interaction parameters would occasionally be passed incorrectly into destination screens
  • FIXED – Fast/repeated updates to to a users screen/doc access may cause sync problems

You’ll no doubt have noticed some beta features appearing throughout the platform to support the new app features. Check them out as they’ll soon be live in your mobile apps.

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