Why forms2?

Trust Hub

​​Keep customer data safe and protect your data from end to end. Build with tools to help you meet your own security, privacy and data transfer regulations and policies. forms2 keeps your data confidential and secure at every stage of its journey.

Tools built for security

Global compliance

Stay compliant with global security and privacy regulations such as GDPR, CCPA and HIPPA. Keep data safe with our enterprise-level global security compliance as standard.

Security Tools

You need your data secured at every point. We give you the tools you need for PII, RBAC, 2FA and more to build and secure your apps, forms, workflows, and devices.

Enterprise Features

Business-oriented tools and features like SSO and Change Management to help you connect, build, maintain and deploy enterprise ready mobile apps, forms and workflows.

Hosted on MS Azure

You need enterprise-level security on a global platform. And you need highly scalable and fault-tolerant services. To keep you safe, forms2 is hosted on Microsoft’s Azure cloud infrastructure. This enables you to create highly secure mobile forms, apps and solutions that grow with you, faster.

The forms2 no-code workflow builder platform leverages Azure’s strong geo-redundancy, replication and recovery options, and follows Microsoft’s leading security best practices and processes as standard so you can focus on growing your business, securely.

Data compliance is baked into everything we do​

Secure, data compliant tools and integrations to help you build mobile forms and apps. It’s what we do best. We sweat the small details so you can focus on what’s really important – growing your business.

How we comply with GDPR

All data storage with forms2 comes under GDPR – which is merely the benchmark for which we operate. Your data is yours. Your data is secure. Your customer data is safe.

How we comply with HIPAA

The forms2 mobile forms and apps platform has been meticulously designed to help you maintain HIPAA compliance at all levels.

How we comply with CCPA

Extending California consumers’ data privacy rights through CCPA compliance, by design.

Security Tools

Enterprise features

The forms2 toolkit empowers teams to build software for their enterprise, safely and securely.

Role based access controls

Separation and management of users by role, function or department.

Change and version management

Full version history and revision control with test and deployment options.

Multiple deployment options

Public Cloud, Private Cloud or On-Premise.

Data privacy and compliance

GDPR, HIPPA, CCPA, meeting global privacy regulations.

Audit logs

Providing a detailed trail of account activity.

Single sign on (SSO)

Tools to help you manage users form a single, central directory.

Team management

Organise forms, apps, users and data by group, department or business unit.


SSL/TLS encryption and 2-Factor Authentication across the platform and all mobile apps.

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