Why forms2?

Scalable platform for no-code app development

The scalable platform for building no-code mobile forms, apps and workflows. Unleash rapid growth and deploy more apps across new departments or regions. forms2 is designed to scale with you, when you need it most.

Platform Performance

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of our customers choose us after outgrowing their previous mobile workflow platform. If you can imagine it, you can build it with forms2.

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Keep data flowing to and from your field teams with an average platform response time of 123ms. That’s pretty fast!

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You need reliable mobile apps and a rock solid platform. With an average platform uptime of 99.99%, we’re always ready when you are.

Scale and connect without limits

We offer unlimited connectors across our scalable business app platform, so you have the power to create new and innovative solutions to meet the most demanding or complex challenges your business may have. We love seeing forms2 users experimenting and innovating with new features to create easier workflows for future projects, staying ahead of their competitors.

Capture as much data as you need and build beautifully complex workflows with:

Better for business acquisitions

Being able to scale your business apps is vital for growing businesses. It can also be extremely useful in business acquisitions where you need to onboard new staff and distribute staff handbooks, roll out best practices and ensure new staff are aware of standard processes and procedures.

Ideal for franchise owners

Franchise owners can roll out to new franchisees quickly and easily. Onboard new sites and get them up to speed with standard business practices, provide training and any other defined process. Collect data from multiple sites for group or site wide analytics.

Built on Azure for mobile app scalability

Right now, your current workflow builder might be working well for a small number of users. But what happens when you take on new staff, roll out to new departments or teams, or need to add new functionality? Chances are your existing app can’t handle the increased traffic. You’re better than that. Our platform features Azure mobile app scalability, solving the dilemma of scaling problems in a growing business like yours.

Run without limits

Our application architecture has been designed to leverage Azure’s powerful geo-redundancy, replication and app scaling features, which enables us to deliver highly scalable, available and fault tolerant services.

We use Azure Redis cache, Horizontal scaling of our SQL database tier (Sharding) as well as New Relic, Pingdom and Azure tools to continuously monitor our scalable cloud platform. Your workflow is never interrupted. Redundancy, Failover and Recovery tools are built-in as standard. We won’t let you down.

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