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Mobile data capture apps for better results

Launch and deploy enterprise class mobile data capture apps, forms and workflows instantly. Enable 1000’s of users and teams, locally, nationally or globally. Keep your entire workforce updated with the knowledge and workflows they need, in real time.

Deploy apps and screens to field teams instantly

Process management workflows, tasks and jobs

Cross platform secure data capture online and offline

Deploy your apps

Why waste time and resources installing software or spinning up new servers to deploy your applications? Publish your mobile data capture apps directly from your cloud platform to your teams with a single click.

Tasks and Job Dispatch

Send tasks to a group for ‘all to complete'

Save time by creating a single task for all team members to complete. Great for ensuring everyone completes a specific check or reads an updated procedure document. Use Connectors to record the completion of the task in your own platforms or send reminders if the task hasn’t been completed.

Set up recurring tasks

Automate and schedule repeating tasks and jobs, like weekly vehicle or monthly machinery maintenance, all from a handy calendar view to be sent out automatically. Use Connectors to update BI datasets for always up to date dashboards and reports.

Trigger tasks from any external API service

Generate and assign tasks using any third party external platforms with our REST API. Once the task is complete, automatically trigger an update to your platforms using REST Connectors, keeping everyone in the loop and keeping your data flowing.

Process Step field

Build complex workflows for tasks and jobs that involve multiple stakeholders or have multiple phases. Send tasks for management review, pass a job to the next engineer, or workflow a task between multiple office and field users. Use task Connectors to update datasets and BI dashboards, updated at every stage.

Send tasks to a group for 'first available' to complete

Create and send ad-hoc tasks to individuals, teams and groups. Get the right people completing the right task at the right time. Use Connectors to store completed task documents and notify the appropriate contacts.

Trigger a Task to be generated by a completed form submission

Use form Connectors to automatically generate new tasks based on submitted data. If a check has failed or a job needs a follow up, programatically create new tasks for the right people with already captured data.

Capture your data

Securely organize your business apps, data capture forms and users into groups or role-based units so the right people get the right information at the right time. Collect and store data electronically with reliable data capture apps designed for fast moving businesses like yours – the safer option to paper forms.

Device and OS Support

Build and deploy responsive data capture apps and forms that adjust to the devices your teams use.

From phones and tablets, to foldables, wearables, laptops and desktops, the forms2 cross-platform native apps work on almost any device, any screen size, anywhere. Keeping your teams productive however they work and in any environment.

You don’t need to change your device to suit the app. Deploy at scale to industry-specific and ruggedised devices such as CAT, Zebra and Toughbook as well as wearable and intrinsically safe devices like Realwear HMT-1 with ATEX Zone 1 certification

Device Management

You’re in total control with our complete Mobile Device Management (MDM) functionality. Get the job done and keep your customers satisfied as you manage and deploy your fleet of mobile devices using Google Workspace endpoint management tools

Device Security

Set your own device policies and manage user passwords for tighter security

Remote Deployment

Deploy your apps (like the forms2 mobile data capture app), anywhere and to any device

Blocking Tools

Block untrusted mobile apps at source and deal with the tasks at hand

Lost Device Protection

Remotely disable lost or stolen devices, fast

Remote Data Wipe

Securely erase confidential data, anywhere

Peace of Mind

You set the policies. You set the security. You’re in control.

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