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forms2 provides enterprise tools that empower high performance teams to consistently deliver engaging mobile apps and workflows 8 x faster. Enable agile development, continuous delivery and deeper integrations with enterprise development tools that boost growth.

Outperform your competitors

Expand your deployment with enterprise tools

Features designed for high-growth businesses

Continuous delivery

Continuous Delivery gives Citizen Developers and seasoned developers the ability to push changes of all types into the hands of users and field teams quickly and safely. New features, configuration changes, fixes and experiments can be deployed faster to sandboxes and promoted to production environments rapidly. With zero downtime.

Low risk

Make software changes and deployments low-risk events by pushing incremental updates on-demand.

Faster time
to market

Iterate fast and reduce the delivery lifecycle from months to days when teams work together to build, test and release.

Better apps,
faster workflows

Gather feedback from your teams on the ground and develop features that drive and deliver real business value.

Happy teams

Release smaller, frequent changes and features. Constantly engage with your users and learn which ideas work and which don’t.

White label apps

It’s your app, not ours. Give your teams and contractors a white labeled app published to the app stores under your company name with your company icon. Extend your enterprise branding with no mention of forms2, anywhere!

Enterprise tool kit

Extend your app building, deployment and security capabilities across your entire organisation while maintaining autonomy for departments and regions. Maintain and publish company wide apps and screens with enterprise tools and integrate with your directory service of choice using SSO.

Single sign on

Rapidly import user lists and maintain centralised security and management of your users with Azure AD, Okta or Ping SSO connectors as part of Enterprise Tool Kit. Or, hook up a different provider using our REST SSO connector available on all plans.

SQL Sync

Automatically sync data between your local SQL Server database and the forms2 cloud platform. Make enterprise data directly available to your field teams securely through a single endpoint, and update SQL tables with data captured by your teams on the ground.

Managed private server hosting

Host our entire platform on your own systems with our forms2 Server option. Ideal for highly regulated enterprises like Banking, Healthcare and Governments. Maintain data sovereignty and full control of your data and applications.

How our customers innovate with the forms2 platform

PaaS White Label App Platform Case Study

PaaS & White Label App Platform Case Study: Saving £360,000

Read our white label app case study and see how a white-label app vendor saved £360,000 and achieved 99.98% uptime using forms2 PaaS.
No-Code Data Capture Apps Case Study: Global Maintenance & Scaffolding digital forms

No-Code Data Capture Apps Case Study: Global Maintenance & Scaffolding Company

Learn how a multinational maintenance partner specialising in scaffolding saved £300,000 annually using forms2 no-code data capture apps
No-Code Data Capture Apps Case Study: Lift Installation Company

No-Code Data Capture Apps Case Study: Lift Installation Company

Learn how Uplifting Lifts* reduced errors by 90%, saved over £40,000 a year using forms2 digital forms and no-code data capture apps.
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