• forms 2 mobile is packed with industry leading features.

    Packed full of industry leading features.

    With features this good you’ll be building your own apps in minutes.

    Give your field workers the tools they need to get the job done accurately and efficiently, scroll down and click the icons to read more information about each of the key features of forms2mobile.

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  • Works Offline

    No Signal? No Problem!

    Whether you work at the top of towers, the bottom of lift shafts, or anywhere in between, there will always be times when you don’t get a signal. Using our native apps for iPad, iPhone, Android and Windows devices means you can collect and access data whenever you need it.

  • Signature Capture

    Signature Based Form Acceptance

    Customers, operatives and managers all benefit when signatures are used for acceptance and approval. Make sure your business operations remain compliant by capturing signatures at key points within your workflows. Turn on Contactless Signatures when passing devices between people isn’t possible.

  • Skip Logic

    Intelligent Input & Logic Control

    Minimise the number of questions a user needs to read and reduce the overall completion time required. Use visibility rules to determine if a question is displayed to the user or simply skip to the next relevant question.

  • Calculations & Formulas

    Real Time Calculations

    Automatic pricing, tax calculations, mileage, page scoring, answer weighting, mileage. Our sophisticated formula engine is baked right in across the entire platform meaning less errors, faster data entry and happier people.

  • Multi Step Workflow

    Do you need jobs to be approved by a team leader?

    Create multi step workflows that compliment and enhance your current processes. Logic driven, data driven, user driven, location driven. Keep your data flowing at the right time to the right person or system. Minimise delays and ensure tasks are completed on time using structured business logic.

  • Job Dispatch & Task Management

    Know your team has the job in hand

    Dispatch jobs and tasks to teams and users from the dashboard or API. Pre-populate form field data form existing systems. Create templates for easy form distribution. Use geofencing and timeframing to ensure jobs are completed at the right location while maintaining your SLA’s. Trigger events or reports based on job progress.

  • Documents & Manuals

    Keep the latest information in hand

    Don’t make your team carry heavy service manuals, user guides, plans & layouts around with them if they don’t need to. Push documents and files to your teams in-app so they always have the latest most up to date information available at all times.

  • Real Time Sync

    Always On, Always Up To Date

    Apps, workflows, forms, keep everything up to date and in sync, securely. Receive new tasks and forms as soon as they are published. Uploads collected information instantly. Keep everyone on the same page at all times.

  • Sketch & Media Capture

    Photos, Audio, Video & Sketch

    Capture an image of the site, record evidence of the incident, sketch a layout. Whatever media you need, images, video and audio. We’ve got you covered whatever you need. Add context to your photos by annotating them before you upload them.

  • Maps, Location & Geo-Fencing

    Task Location & Navigation

    Ensure tasks and jobs are completed at the correct location with Geo-Fencing and navigation. Field teams can easily see where their tasks need to be completed and, office teams gain that all important real-time business overview. Navigation to a site or job comes as standard.

  • GPS & Timestamps

    Verify Time & Location

    Know when and where your jobs have been completed. Automatically record the location, date, start and end times of when a job is completed. Use this data to determine how long the job has taken and meet your SLA’s.

  • Scan QR, NFC & Barcodes

    Why Type When You Can Scan?

    Barcodes, QR codes and Near Field Communication (NFC), scan a tag or a code to retrieve data and lookup records instantly. You can scan the barcode of an asset and update it’s service record, or you can scan an NFC tag to prove a location has been checked.

  • Custom Reports

    Go Paperless & Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

    Got a document template that you print out and give to your team to complete? Simply upload your existing Word or Excel templates and have your data populated automatically. Create custom reports, client receipts, insert images, repeating data, locations, signatures. Limitless possibilities.

  • File Attachments

    PDF, CSV, Text File, etc…

    Choose from a variety of built in document formats. PDF’s for instant client or management output, CSV’s for the accounts team, or just a plain old text file. Further enhance your outputs using custom Word or Excel templates

  • Exception Reporting

    Right Data, Right Person, Right Time

    Exception reports will typically follow your predefined business processes. Taken a reading that exceeds tolerances? Need to escalate an issue to a different department or manager? Notify the right people with the right information at the right time.

  • Notifications & Messaging

    Stay fully informed

    Push notifications are an essential part of keeping your field teams up to speed. Notifications are automatically sent when tasks and jobs are assigned. You can also send custom messages on demand informing your teams of updates or changes they need to know about

  • Integrations

    Plug in to your favourite apps

    Our growing collection of built in connectors allow you to quickly plug in to your favourite apps and services. Save files straight to Dropbox, add rows direct to a Google Spreadsheet, or send an SMS with Twilio, the possibilities are endless. Quickly share your data with the systems and people that matter.


    Connect To External Services using XML and JSON

    Our REST API connector allows you to plug in to any service that exposes a REST API. Pull your own data into our mobile platform. Push collected data back into your systems. A comprehensive set of interfaces allow you to deeply integrate our mobility platform with your existing systems and automate everything from sending messages, dispatching jobs and tasks, or updating suppliers or customers automatically. Context and data driven, the only limit is your imagination! You can always talk to us if you’re looking for inspiration 🙂

  • Auto Populate Answers

    Answer One, Dynamically Fill More

    Use lists, drop-downs, buttons, true/false and ratings questions all help increase efficiency when you’re working. Drive these answers from a database so you can dynamically populate subsequent answers based on the initial selection e.g. select a customer from the list and auto populate their address.

  • Data Sources

    Business Centric Data On Demand

    Access data and records from your existing databases or CRM’s. Business and job critical data such as client details, parts list and pricing tables can be made available directly to your team. Updates or changes sync automatically to device so your team is always up to date.

  • Role Based Security

    User Roles & Security

    Give your team only the access they need. You can define user roles based on job dispatch, accessing collected data, building workflows & forms, data source management and documents. Mobile users can be assigned to groups, giving access to only the forms and apps they need.

  • forms2mobile SQL Sync

    SQL Sync – Cloud Synchronisation

    Does your organisation use SQL Server? If so, then our database sync bolt-on is designed for you. Automatically synchronise a variety of data between our mobility platform and your local SQL servers.

  • Single Sign On

    Extensible Enterprise Security

    No need to maintain a separate set of user accounts. Connect to a variety of identity providers to enable seamless enterprise security.

  • Bring Your Own Device

    Business & User Friendly

    Whether you manage your own fleet of mobile devices, or you’re teams and contractors use their own. Simply download forms2mobile for iPad, iPhone and Android tablets & phones from the store. Your workflows, forms and data collection apps will work on any device with any sized screen.

Clear & measurable benefits.

Performance & Efficiency

  • Removes paperwork generation & collection.
  • Reduces distribution costs and time.
  • Allows your team to be more productive.
  • Streamlines your workflow.
  • Data validated on device at the point of capture.
  • Removes the cost & delay of data duplication.
  • Monitor KPI’s, ensure SLA’s are met.
  • Improved customer service.
  • Reduces time between service delivery, invoice &payment.
  • Integrates with 650+ apps & services.

Dynamic Solutions

  • Risk assessment & compliance.
  • Maintenance requests.
  • Contract cleaning Audits.
  • Asset & inventory management.
  • Inspections & audits.
  • Incident monitoring & reporting.
  • Fleet management & logging.
  • HR & staff administration.
  • Surveys & report generation.
  • Questionnaires & assessments.