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Read our customer success stories and real mobile forms and business app case studies. In our selection of mobile forms and business apps case studies, you’ll hear from real forms2 customers and learn how they improved their business processes, reduced costs and created real digital transformation. This is how forward-thinking organisations use no-code business apps and mobile forms to enhance and streamline their workflows.

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No-Code Data Capture Apps for Japanese Knotweed: Case Study

Japanese Knotweed Removal Company

July 2, 2024

How *Japanese Knotweed Removal Company Saved 112.5 Hours Weekly with Digital Forms, No-Code Data Capture Apps & Digital Site Survey Reports

White Label No-Code Apps & Digital Forms for Healthcare Case Study banner

White-Label Healthcare Data Collection Company

July 2, 2024

White Label No-Code Apps & Digital Forms for Healthcare Case Study - creating an entire healthcare no-code data capture app system for £750

No-Code Data Capture Apps for Gas Safety: Case Study

SafeGas Technical Services

June 26, 2024

No-Code Data Capture Apps for Gas Safety Company & Digital Forms Case Study: Saving £250,000 per year with No-Code data capture

PaaS White Label App Platform Case Study

Innovative White Label Solutions Inc.

May 24, 2024

Read our white label app case study and see how a white-label app vendor saved £360,000 and achieved 99.98% uptime using forms2 PaaS.

No-Code Data Capture Apps Case Study: Global Maintenance & Scaffolding digital forms

Global Maintenance People Ltd.

May 24, 2024

Learn how a multinational maintenance partner specialising in scaffolding saved £300,000 annually using forms2 no-code data capture apps

No-Code Data Capture Apps Case Study: Lift Installation Company

Uplifting Lifts

May 24, 2024

Learn how Uplifting Lifts* reduced errors by 90%, saved over £40,000 a year using forms2 digital forms and no-code data capture apps.

td construction testing digital forms case study digital forms for construction.jpeg

TD Construction Testing

September 8, 2023

Read our digital forms case study about how TD Construction Testing saved over £30,000 per year, cut admin by 80% and sped up test results for clients

Nu Quantum

April 30, 2022

How Dr Matthew Applegate and his fellow Cambridge scientists are opening doors to the Quantum realm supported by Google Workspace and forms2.

Forms2 Maac

MAAC Heating & Cooling

April 30, 2022

66% YOY growth with mobile Forms and business Apps, all built using the no-code forms2 platform

digital forms case study

Art Systems

April 14, 2022

Art Systems wanted to reduce admin costs and save time with mobile forms and no-code apps

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