Why forms2?

Our dedication to sustainable business

forms2 is a sustainable business at its core. We’re committed to helping our customers eliminate paper from their field operations and achieving their own sustainability goals. If we can improve how we live and work together, even if it’s one small change like reducing paper usage – we all win.

It starts with us

We believe innovation shouldn’t cost the earth. And as forms2 is a Software-as-a-Service company, we’re very aware of the impact SaaS businesses have on natural resources and our environment as a whole. The impact we can have as humans on the environment can be devastating.

But it can also be incredibly positive.

Our commitment

We’re committed to running a sustainable business from end to end and making sustainable choices as a business and as people. We want to make a positive impact on the world. Through our use of renewable energy, our use of sustainable cloud-based locations to partnering with companies who are as dedicated as we are to having a positive impact on sustainability, we’ve made small changes that have a positive impact.

And we won’t stop until we’re carbon neutral by 2030.

How carbon efficient is the forms2 supply chain?

Supply chain sustainability is key to meeting sustainability targets. That’s why we select our suppliers carefully to ensure they have the same dedication to carbon neutrality as we do.

Partnering with Microsoft

forms2 is built on Microsoft’s Azure cloud. They are dedicated to sustainability, have been carbon neutral since 2012 and are focused on becoming carbon negative by 2030.

Partnering with Google

forms2 has partnered with Google to use and supply Google Workspace. We also distribute our apps through the Play Store. They have led the way in sustainability and have been carbon neutral since 2007 and are on track to becoming carbon-free by 2030.

Partnering with Apple

forms2 distribute apps through the Apple App Store. Apple has been carbon neutral since 2018 and all Apple’s stores, offices and data centers now run on 100% renewable energy.

Climate conscious, responsible partnerships

We understand that not every business we work with can be carbon neutral. Every business uses a variety of different software and services as part of its operations. With that in mind, we choose our suppliers with care, ensuring they hold the same values and commitments as we do, and that they are actively trying to improve as we are.

Making these changes, whether big or small matters to us.

How carbon efficient is forms2 and what is our sustainability policy?

We’re committed to reducing our carbon footprint and becoming carbon neutral by 2030. As we are a fully digital, paperless and remote working business, we’ve taken certain steps to ensure our impact on the environment is as gentle as possible.

100% renewable

All of our electricity supplies are 100% renewable (wind, solar, hydro).

Remote training

We promote remote training sessions and meetings using video conferencing.

Sustainable systems

forms2 runs on 100% sustainable platforms including Google Cloud and MS Azure.

On track to net zero

We are committed and on track to becoming carbon neutral before 2030.

Reduced emissions

100% of our team work remotely to minimise carbon emissions from transport.

forms2 is a sustainable business at its core. And we’re going to keep it that way. We care about change. Big or small. It all helps.

Our dedication to continuous improvement

We’re dedicated to continuous development and continuous improvement – in all matters of our business. We don’t just want to improve our business apps and your workflows. We also want to improve what we’re doing to become a leader in sustainability, in the mobile form and business app sector.

Switching off

We run awareness campaigns to ensure team members do simple things like switching off their PC’s when not working to reduce energy usage.

Working smart

We’re encouraging more of our new customers to conduct initial Discovery Calls via video conferencing where possible to avoid commuting.

Circular ecosystem

We encourage the use of reusable/returnable items and minimise the use of disposable items as well as recycling old tech such as phones, laptops and tablets.

But why stop there?

To date we’ve helped plant over 60,000 trees across eight countries

We proudly partner with Eden Reforestation Projects joining their fight to reduce extreme poverty in impoverished countries and to restore healthy forests by employing local people in underdeveloped areas to plant millions of trees every year.

To date, we’ve helped Eden Reforestation Projects plant over 60,000 trees, across 8 countries, and helped create jobs and livelihoods for local people.

Together, we are doing more than just planting trees; we are restoring ecosystems, fostering opportunities for sustainable community development, and building a more resilient future.

Through this collaboration, we’re proud to say we plant 1 tree per month for every paying user on the forms2 platform. And we won’t stop.

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