Our mission is to connect and inspire people.

Our mission at forms2 is to connect and inspire people. We want to connect workforces across the world and help businesses build simpler, smarter workflows that help them realise their goals.

What we do and how we do it

We empower people to create innovative technology solutions that improve workflows and collaboration across businesses through digital transformation.

We help clients see the bigger picture clearly, by delivering powerful solutions that transform business processes and data flow throughout their organisation and beyond.

We give you the tools to transform workflows, improve processes and connect teams, suppliers and customers, wherever they are. Fully customisable, fast and robust. forms2 has the flexibility to adapt with your organisational needs.

Our Journey

CEO Paul Kelly

Founder Paul Kelly was IT manager and Head of Product Development for a security company which helped protect lone workers.

“We developed Lone Worker Protection (LWP) apps for Windows Mobile devices and Blackberry’s, before Android and iPhones were even a thing, and a monitoring process that helped lone workers send alerts for help with the touch of a button.”

Paul’s background in code, workforce security and product development was a stepping stone into automated workflow and process management. He understood that automation and streamlined remote processes could save lives and improve workflows for every industry.

“The idea of empowering businesses to improve remote processes through digital transformation resonated with me.”

But it wasn’t until a meeting with a key prospective customer, that the idea of forms2 (previously forms2mobile) would come to life.

Paul began to imagine how this enterprise-level business with thousands of visitors per year could make their workflow manageable and improve their service.

Paul set up a team to build a no-code workflow solutions platform that anyone could use. It would connect remote teams, connect data and systems, create safety alerts and allow businesses to make informed, data-driven decisions – all from a smart device or laptop.

“By understanding and working through the key challenges our first customer faced when it came to accurate data collection and eradicating the need for mountains of paperwork, I knew the idea of building an app that solved complex data collection would help every business improve.”

In 2013, forms2 was officially launched.

Today, ECG is one of the thousands of companies enjoying improved workflow and the benefits of digital transformation, including mobile forms that collect accurate data and business apps that connect teams anywhere in the world.

Our approach:


We empower our clients to deliver innovation fast. Without the need for expensive systems or coding knowledge.


We improve productivity, efficiency and consistency in data, integrating seamlessly into existing systems.


We deliver beautifully designed, secure and easy-to-use solutions to improve workflows. All customised to work for you.

Our Core Values

Deliver customer success

We are invested in our customers success. We grow and adapt to suit your business needs.

Act fast and be resourceful

We look for the fastest, best way to achieve results – backed up by our knowledge and expertise. We provide support that’s second to none.

Be excited by possibility

We enjoy collaborating with our clients and feel passionate about enabling them to achieve by finding innovative solutions to their problems.

Take delight in the detail

We strive to be a trusted and reliable platform for our customers by taking care of the details. We are always iterating and improving our service.

Be open and transparent

We’re clear about our purpose. We give teams the freedom to build their own solutions that suit their needs and objectives.

What makes us different?

forms2 is the low-code development platform for operational users, citizen developers and DevOps teams, that grows with your company. We give you the confidence to build innovative mobile tech solutions, backed by our knowledge and expertise.

We’re not just another blue app company. We’re energetic, spirited and imaginative and we’re passionate about the opportunities and impact of our solutions.

We want to inspire our customers to dream big. Our powerful tools, dependable support and simple processes mean you can be truly confident in your skills, for digital transformation that lasts.

forms2 is full of possibilities, we put the power in your hands.

I look at forms2 like a long term colleague, someone that knows their stuff – because they’ve worked here for 30 years and they still push the envelope when it comes to innovation

Lynne Huckle Senior Developer - BBE Solutions Ltd

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