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You’ve got questions about forms2 and we’ve got answers! Here are some frequently asked questions our team members have put together to help you understand a little more about what we do here.

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If you are located within the UK, VAT will be added. You will be able to add your company VAT number and a VAT invoice will be issued.

If you are located in the EU and have a valid VAT/Tax number then tax will be reverse charged meaning you will need to account for this to your local tax authority.

If you are located anywhere else in the world then VAT/Tax will not be added.

For further information please see the European Commission website. http://ec.europa.eu/taxation_customs/business/vat/eu-vat-rules-topic/where-tax_en

Yes. Enterprise licensing starts at a minimum of 50 users. Discounts are available for high volume accounts. Contact us for more information or check out our Enterprise feature set.

Multiple users can access their individual accounts on each device. Once you and your team have set up your accounts on a single device, simply enter your own password and you’ll be logged on as you!

We understand that many users may have more than one device they use on a regular basis (phone, tablet, maybe another tablet!). That’s why each Standard user account can run on up to 2 devices, and Premium users can run on up to 3 devices, allowing you to use a device that is most appropriate to you at the time.

At the end of your trial, you can purchase user accounts by credit card. Your trial account will automatically be transitioned to a paid account. All apps, forms, data sources etc that you have created will continue to work as you have built them.

Yes! You get a fully functioning trial account with ALL available features free for 14 days and for up to 4 team members with Premium licenses. No credit card required. Build unlimited mobile forms and apps, connect to your existing systems, send outputs and get reports. Build and test a fully working proof of concept solution for your field teams.

Yes! Standard and Premium customers (less than 50 users) enjoy email support from our friendly knowledgeable teams. We love email. Everyone we speak to gets a written record. We’ll loop in experts to help with queries, attach helpful documents or links to further reading, and best of all, you’re not left hanging on the line.

Just ping us your query and get on with your day. We’ll typically get back to you within that same day, if not within a few hours. We’re good like that!

Enterprise plan users (50 users and more) benefit from email support and telephone support for critical issues with a dedicated success manager. All users benefit from our extensive knowledge base – if you need help, we’re here!

As a customer of forms2, your financial support helps us run a sustainable business. We are not a venture-backed start-up, we’re privately funded and intend to keep it that way. We’re not here to make high returns for our investors at the expense of a sustainable business model. No. We’re here to build a highly sustainable business for you, our customers.

A Sustainable Business Model.

Sustainability means more than just keeping the lights on though. Yes, we have hosting costs, traffic costs and other resources that are needed. We also have a team of highly experienced humans who come to work every day with the sole purpose of building and running a platform that keeps your field teams connected with the information they need, when they need it most. To achieve this, we are constantly looking for ways to improve, that’s why we invest in research and development as well as support services. We don’t just invest in our technology – we invest in our humans too.

Transparent and Fair Pricing.

We’ve designed our pricing model to be fair, flexible, transparent and above all, cost-effective and affordable. You pay for the value and service you get in return. For self-serve customers, we can keep our overheads to a minimum and pass our savings on to you while still providing high levels of service and support. Enterprise customers typically have different needs such as traffic, connectivity, integration and human resources. Our Enterprise pricing reflects the resources required, and how we support the needs of larger customers.

View our pricing models here

We Support You Through Your Journey.

Large or small, simple or complex. Whether you are building a simple timesheet or safety check, or you’re building something more complex that is integrated with multiple systems with various workflows or process steps. Every single customer receives the same high level of support they need to achieve their goals. To accomplish this every member of our team receives ongoing training to ensure they give you, our customers, the best level of service possible.

Research & Development.

Since we launched forms2 in 2013 we’ve grown steadily and consistently. That is thanks in no small part to you, our customers. As your needs have evolved over time, we’ve invested in the development of our platform to ensure its evolution meets and exceeds those needs. We’ve also added a few extra tools that have helped people achieve more than they first imagined.

View all features here

The Sum of it all.

To sum up, we’re enjoying the journey with you. We’re guided by you and your requirements. Most of all, we love seeing how each and every one of you can shape and build mobile apps in a way that suits you. Thanks for being with us.

Failure of a server instance within the primary data centre is handled by Azure’s load balancers, with the problem instance recycled and/or removed and replaced with a new instance.

In the event that the entire data centre were to have a critical failure, then switchover to our secondary centre is a manual process, as we need to perform a full assessment of the issue first to ensure there is no simple workarounds to keep the existing primary centre presence available.

If we determine that a move to our secondary centre is required, then switchover will be initiated manually to meet our target recovery objectives.

Yes. All data is replicated to a second regional data centre which differs by geographic location.

We run multiple server instances at all system tiers, including database (which is replicated).

Failure of a server instance within the data centre is handled by Azure’s load balancers, with the problem instance recycled and/or removed and replaced with a new instance.

By default deleted entries and data sources are accessible for 30 days and can be recovered from the Trash Can. Retention periods can be set from your Organization Setup page.

If restoration of a specific record or artefact more than 30 days old is required by a customer, this can be performed online via a per request basis and is chargeable work.

There is no impact on the platform or customer account.

Any customer restore in any non-disaster scenario must be requested and scheduled with our support team. Turn around is between 1 and 2 business days.

We retain database point-in-time backups for 30 days and general file backups for a similar period.

All aspects are multi-tenanted, so backups are taken across the entire customer base.

We run complete file backups every 24 hours and benefit from Azure database point in time backups taken every 5 minutes.

Yes, we perform recovery checks and tests annually.

We don’t provide such metrics to customers, aside from availability and response timings as per our status page on status.forms2mobile.com.

Yes. Our servers are constantly updated and patched by Microsoft automatically via their Azure service.

We subscribe to services that conduct automated penetration tests monthly using industry security standard tools and services.

Yes, we utilise various security services to provide regular system security audits. Customers can also contact us to conduct penetration testing as desired to meet their requirements.

Yes, we use Windows and Chrome computers with auto-updating of operating systems and antivirus enabled.

We run a broad spectrum of monitoring tools, supplemented by notifications and alerts provided by Azure. This includes intrusion detection and email confirmations of network access.

We do not store PCI data, but network segmentation is employed based on Azure’s default configurations in this respect. Refer to Microsoft’s STAR self-assessment details found here:


Yes, this is inherited from Azure’s default infrastructure zoning. Refer to Microsoft’s STAR self-assessment details found here:


Yes. All firewalls and load balancing facilities are provided by Microsoft’s Azure platform. Refer to Microsoft’s STAR self-assessment details found here:


We require a minimum 6 characters in passwords on our basic password management level. OWASP and NIST SP 800-63-3 password policy options have been available since May 2018 for all customer accounts.

Customers can also implement their own choice of strength requirements by creating users & passwords through our APIs and turning off user password change functionality in the app.

Some shared accounts are employed based on access role, otherwise employees have their own dedicated accounts.

Clients have no access/accounts as mentioned above.

Yes. We rotate and renew passwords through our password management software on a regular (at least annual) basis.

Strictly only employees have network and infrastructure services access, the access level is based on their role.

Our customers have no network or infrastructure services access.

Yes. When data is transported between servers and devices it’s encrypted over HTTPS using 256 bit SSL. As of May 25 2018, all data is encrypted when at rest.

Yes. Admins can set robust privacy controls as standard. PII tools, Role-Based Access Control and 256bit SSL/TLS encryption is included across our platform.

Link Out our Enterprise Features for more information

Yes. You can also connect your Microsoft Azure SQL enterprise data to your forms2 data sources using our built-in Azure SQL integration.

Yes. Highly regulated industries like Banking, Healthcare and Government organisations trust us with our Managed Private Server hosting so they can maintain data sovereignty.

You can host our entire platform on your own systems with the forms2 Managed Private Server option, completely away from our cloud service for security compliance purposes.

Yes. We provide Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) so you can set access levels for read-only, read/write, and administrative users. This ensures users only have access to the areas they need like data entries, data sources, or the app builder, for example. You can even split users into groups and provide access to specific folders to reduce information overload.

Your security is our priority. We have implemented PII tools, Role-Based Access Control and 256bit SSL/TLS encryption across our platform. We offer Single Sign-On functionality (SSO), phishing-resistant two-factor authentication (2FA), 2-Step Verification and Titan Security keys with Google Workspace and Azure. We even offer 4 levels of password protection.

Check out our Trust Hub for more information.

Yes. We help businesses all over the world stay compliant with global security and privacy regulations such as GDPR, CCPA and HIPAA. Your data is safe with our enterprise-level global security compliance as standard.

View our Trust Hub for more details.

Yes. forms2 has been built to keep your data confidential and secure at every stage of its journey into, across and out of our platform. We have implemented security features such as PII tools to help you build apps and forms to meet regulatory compliance, Role-Based Access Control to help you manage access to apps, forms, data and the app builder platform, and 256bit SSL/TLS data encryption to keep all your data private. We can facilitate on-premises server hosting for data sovereignty and offer 4 levels of password protection, including additional levels for Enterprise Users, and 2FA two factor authentication.

Any mobile forms and apps you create with forms2 are secure depending on the setting and tools you use. View our Trust Hub for more details.

We have the option to install Antimalware if needed, however our default configuration is the same as Microsoft’s – antimalware is not installed by default.

We don’t remotely login or otherwise install software on our Cloud Services instances aside from our standard closed loop deployments through standard Azure management tools. Thus the risk of malware installation is minimal due to the lack of any direct login access to the instances.

Our servers are re-created using new, default Cloud Service instances every time we deploy a platform upgrade, which happens on average every 2 days or less.

This highly frequent re-creation of fresh instances also reduces any possible exposure time to malware in the highly unlikely event such was deployed to our servers.

Yes, we maintain a “living document” which outlines disaster and incident response checklists, contact details and key system facilities for understanding and responding to incidents.

Every client account is logically separated from other clients, through the use of a required, persistent tenant identifier on all database records. All application code requires this tenant identifier for all operations – both read and write. An automated testing regime is also in place to protect code changes from regressions and possible cross-tenant data contamination.

The tenant identifier is “hard linked” to every user account and logically enforced through fixed “WHERE” clauses on database queries and equivalent measures for file access.

A platform user is not able to change or otherwise unlink their session or account from this tenant identifier. Thus there is no logical possibility of a user having login authorisation under a different tenant identifier. Even if they tried to access pages using a different tenant’s id, the system would reject the request due to the user account not being registered to the requested tenant ID.

Microsoft Azure is audited annually by ISO-27001 for compliance.

forms2 follows industry best practices for data and system security, including ISO 27001 recommendations. We are not currently audited or otherwise certified under such frameworks.

Our monitoring tools provide access to the necessary logging events when seeking correlation to attacks.

This is provided by Azure internally. Refer to Microsoft’s STAR self-assessment details found here:


Your account is hosted within the EU. Refer to our Privacy Policy for more details.

Yes. We invite you to take a look at our Privacy Policy for more information on this.


Yes. We have a standard, documented process for responding to security breaches. This includes notifying impacted customers within 72 hours of a confirmed breach.

Yes. Logs are reviewed daily, weekly and monthly – depending on the nature of the log events.

We preserve logs for a minimum of 1 month, with some remaining for up to 6 months, depending on severity and action required.

Yes. forms2 is designed to scale with you when you need it most. Enjoy unlimited storage for photos, video and audio, unlimited data entries for premium users, an unlimited number of fields on your screens, unlimited form connectors as well as multi-step REST connectors, delay triggers and conditional logic for building complex, multi-platform, multi-stage workflows. We add additional capacity automatically and on-demand, without you ever needing to think about it. You’re free to submit 10 entries per day to 10,000 entries per second – your apps are ready to evolve when you are.

If you imagine it, you can build it with forms2. Learn more about Scalability with forms2.

Yes. You can create additional sub environments, Organisational Units (OUs) and Business Units within your forms2 account to keep the right teams on track. Organise users, specific business apps and screens by department and use data segmentation to keep teams focused on the information they need. This functionality is part of our Enterprise Tool kit Bolt-On

Check out how you can grow and scale your business with forms2.

We have 5 different types of screens including a Form screen, Listing Screen, Detail Screen, Icon Board Screen and Mapping screen. You can have as many of these as you want within our platform. Use them individually or build complex apps and workflows using a variety of interconnected screens.

We offer unlimited connectors across all of your forms, app screens, and tasks. We’ve designed our platform so you can integrate the forms2 mobile forms and app with services you already use like SharePoint, Google Workspace (formerly G-Suite), MS Azure, Salesforce and Oracle NetSuite. You can also configure REST connectors to pull in data from any external API using JSON or XML and connect to on-site SQL Servers via our SQL Sync bolt-on.

Check out our Integrations Directory

A user (account) is an individual that will need access to the forms2 builder or mobile apps. Each named user requires their own email address to log in with. This allows you to set permissions, control security and data privacy, and helps with traceability and accountability.

Each named user requires a license as this determines the feature set and connectors that are available to them. As all our mobile apps are available for offline use, a license and user account is required to ensure any long term offline users are able to sync their data once they are back online.

Yes! Please fill out the short contact form and a member of our team will be in touch to start a conversation.

Yes! We changed our name from forms2mobile to forms2 in 2022 as part of our brand refresh. Although our site and logos may look different, we still offer the same great service. Nothing’s changed there!

We offer 3 different user types – Standard, Premium and Enterprise with varying levels of workflow functionality. Please view our Pricing plans for a full breakdown.

Yes. And we are delighted every time someone refers our services! Simply refer your contacts and clients to us, and we’ll handle the rest.

You get a 10% commission on referrals. Just sit back while we handle every part of the sign-up process including pre-sales support, training and billing as well as aftercare. You get a kick-back for every paying user.

Check out our Partner Program for more information.

Yes. We get asked a lot if we provide a mobile form or mobile app partner program here at forms2. Perhaps you want to build a mobile front end or other solution built upon our technology and sell it to your customers?

The good news is, we partner with consultancies, businesses and White Label mobile app resellers across the globe developing programs that create new revenue streams and drive customer retention.

Register as a vendor today and gain access to additional tools to create customers within your own account!

Build stable, secure, high-performance apps for your clients with ease.

You can build business apps for Android, iOS and Windows, using your own icons, logos and branding colours.

Join the forms2 Partner program and become a solutions partner today.

Yes, forms2 is accessible to enterprises and businesses of all sizes across the globe with customers in The Americas, EMEA and APAC regions. No matter where you’re based in the world, if you want to reduce paper use and carbon emissions while streamlining data collection, automating complex workflows and connecting your teams across the globe – we can help you.

If you could get an internet connection in space, forms2 could work there as well! (looking at you Elon Musk)

Yes. All of the forms2 Apps, workflows and forms keep everything up to date and in sync, securely. Updated tasks and forms are received in real-time as soon as they are published. Collected information is uploaded instantly to keep your team on the same page at all times.

Yes. Whether you work at the top of towers, the bottom of lift shafts, or anywhere in between, there will always be times when you don’t get a signal. Using our native apps for iPad, iPhone, Android and Windows devices empower you to collect and access data whenever you need it.

Yes, we have a directory of 200+ screen templates including simple asset checks to complex sales order processes so you can hit the ground running and start improving workflows in minutes.

We’ve designed forms2 to be a logical, user-friendly platform. You can create simple mobile forms in minutes. More complex forms with multiple automations can take a few hours or even days to build as this will depend on your unique needs. But don’t let that discourage you! Our platform specialists can help you build a fully customised solution based on what you need and will give you the tools and knowledge to design your own forms, apps and screens so you can evolve when you need to at speed.

We like to think: if you can imagine it, you can build it, here at forms2. Your only limit is your imagination!

Yes. Contactless signature capture for iPhone and Android is a feature of the forms2 platform. Our ‘Signature’ field allows you to capture signatures without sharing your phone or tablet. Simply share a custom generated QR code and the other person can sign a document on their own device and send it back to you instantly.

Read more about our contactless signature capture here.

Yes. And we can help you do it as quickly as possible with minimal interruption to your workflow. 16% of our customer base chooses forms2 after outgrowing their previous app or mobile form platform, so we know how to help you migrate your forms!

Yes, you can! Maybe you’re looking to extend your corporate branding across our hosted platform. Perhaps you’ve selected one of our managed private server hosting options, or you’re looking to partner with us to build your own products using our development platform. The great news is you can white label our entire platform using your own domain name, SSL certificate, logo and branding. Whichever route you’re looking to take, there will be no mention of forms2, anywhere. forms2 truly is a platform you can make your own.

Check out our Partner Program for more information.

Yes! You can build stable, secure, high-performance apps for Android, iOS and Windows, using your own icons, logos and colours with our drag and drop no-code platform and mobile form builder.

Yes we do. While our native forms2 mobile apps are fully customisable with your corporate colours, logo and icons, you might want to extend your corporate brand even further. We offer App-as-a-Service white-labelled native mobile apps for all platforms. There’s no mention of forms2 and your teams will download your company app, not forms2, from the app stores. Create your own fully branded app for your staff, contractors and customers to use.

Check here for more information.

We improve workflows and automate business processes for a wide variety of businesses around the world and across many different sectors including:

• Construction
• Government and Public Sector
• Facilities Management
• Utilities and Energy Production
• Health and Safety
• Healthcare professionals
• Insurance & Financial Services
• Agriculture & Farming
• Environmental
• Oil & Gas Engineering
• Humanitarian
• Manufacturing
• HVAC Services
• Hospitality & Retail
• Telecommunications & IT
And many more

View our Customer Success Stories to see how businesses have transformed their workflows with forms2.

You can use the forms2 platform to bring in any data your business works with and replace any paper form with a digital version (which is known as a mobile form). Some common uses are: risk assessment and compliance, maintenance requests, asset and inventory management as well as fleet management and logging. But that’s just a small example of what you can do with forms2!

Read more about the benefits of mobile forms for data collection.

99% of everyone we work with say that their mobile forms are useful and have helped them solve everyday problems in their business.

Mobile forms streamline data entry and reporting, reduce paper usage and connect teams all over the world for digital transformation that lasts. forms2 customers use our no-code tools to build mobile forms and apps to enhance data accuracy and reports through forced answer fields, get sign off through digital signature capture and create streamlined workflows through automation. In fact, one of our customers saved over £40,000 per year and 450 minutes a day using forms2.

forms2 uses a drag and drop interface to help you build and deploy forms to your mobile workers. We recognise that self-serve isn’t right for everyone though. That’s why we offer you access to our team of experienced analysts and platform specialists who can work with you to convert even the most complex workflows into something that’s user friendly.

Why do we work with you instead of for you? We believe that knowledge is power. By giving you the knowledge and confidence to build on your own, you are empowered with the knowledge to build your own solutions in the future.

Contact us for more information.

Yes, we do. We want you to get the best possible solution for your business needs. As part of your free trial you’ll get the opportunity to schedule a discovery call with one of our platform specialists. During your discovery call, we will guide you through the process of how to build your mobile forms and apps and give you the tools and knowledge to make positive changes to your business. There’s no sales pitch, just actionable solutions. We can then offer development training after the 2-week trial period ends (extra fees apply). Our overall goal is to provide you with the skills and knowledge of our platform specialists to build solutions without ever having to ask us for help.

Yes. Our electricity supplies are 100% renewable, our cloud systems 100% sustainable and our dedication to improving the way we live and work is 100% unshakeable. View more in our Sustainability pages.

Yes. You may want to spend some time building and fine-tuning your business apps before testing and subsequently deploying them to your field teams. With our flexible plans, you can do just that. Start off with one or two users while you build your apps, increase and roll out your apps for testing with a select group, then scale up when you’re ready to roll out to your field teams.

Yes. You can customise your mobile forms to look just like your existing paper forms. They can contain customised fields that your customers or employees are familiar with so there’s no disruption to workflow.

You can easily replicate the look and feel of your existing paper forms with easy to use templates from Word or Excel.

No way! The forms2 platform is a no-code mobile app and workflow builder. Our platform is drag-and-drop so you can create mobile forms, apps, workflows and automations in minutes. We have an extensive formula engine to help you build simple and complex data paths within your apps and forms.

You can extend and integrate forms2 with other tools and platforms you use with our RESTful API’s using JSON and XML.

Learn more about the benefits of no-code / low-code app building.

From simple forms to streamlining safety inspections, asset checks to incident reporting, work orders to critical business process automation that spans continents. You can build business apps that capture signatures, send out tasks and dispatch orders or manage inventory and capture any kind of data in the field. You can send out electronic job sheets and build multi step workflows to automate complex business processes across teams, departments and your business. If you can imagine it, you can build it with forms2.

forms2 (previously forms2mobile) is a visual, no-code platform for building intelligent mobile apps, forms, workflows and for automating business processes. We help businesses across all sectors improve their processes and productivity to build mobile forms and business apps for iOS, Android and Windows that drive data directly into your business systems.

Want to build better business apps?