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August Platform Updates

Written by Jamie
August 23, 2016
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Platform updates & improvements

Our latest round of updates are about to drop. You’ll notice some of the new features trickling in over the coming weeks as these are rolled out in line with our mobile apps

We’ve enhanced some existing features, introduced some brand new features and we’ve squashed a couple of bugs along the way.

Folder access can be restricted with ‘Opt-In’ feature

We’ve extended the functionality of folders and opened up new security features. Traditionally the contents of folders have been limited to the users that could access the folder either through groups or direct assignment of the folder to the user. This allowed for groups or sets of screens and content to be restricted to roles and departments. Some may have found this a little confusing, especially as a new user when first creating a folder we’d often hear ‘where have my screens gone in the app?’

new folder

We’ve just rolled out an update that adds a new feature, ‘Restrict User Access’. By default this is off or set to false so all new folders will not be restricted by default. If you already have folders in place, this feature will be turned on for all existing folders to ensure everything remains the same for your existing setup and users. You’ll notice the new padlock icons next to the folder names indicating the restriction is either on or off. This new feature gives you greater flexibility and should make folders more friendly 🙂

Improvement to the API

  • Incorporate Form Entry retrieval within your Task request
    Our Task API has some cool new options which means you can now request Form entries that are linked to a “task/search” as one request. So now you can reduce your API calls at the same time as receiving relevant Form data which has been captured within a Task. Check it out for yourself in the API Explorer, just look for the “RetrieveEntries” option in the “task” GET section.
  • Task searches can now be filtered by Task Template
    A new filter has been added to the “task/search” area called “TemplateId”. Using the new “TemplateId” filter should enable you to extract more focused output whilst using API “task/search”.
  • Form Entry data format now available as “Flat”
    We already have “Rich” and “Raw” options for retrieving Form entry data, so now we’ve added a “flat” style. The new “flat” key:value type should make it much easier to integrate with your external services and it can be used whenever you are retrieving Form entry data.

Additional fixes & improvements

  • UPDATED – Generic PDF outputs would include answers for ‘Action’ fields. This has been reverted to a previous behaviour of not being included
  • UPDATED – Memory usage when processing data templates has been improved. PDF output creation should now be faster
  • UPDATED – Table column display can now exclude Barcode & NFC type fields
  • FIXED – The autosave in the screen designer no longer continuously prompts you even if no changes have been made
  • FIXED – Editing data sources with less than 100 rows and more than 8000 cells no longer causes issues

Be sure to check out the new features. As always we welcome your feedback to the team.

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