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Contactless Signature Capture for Android & iOS Forms

Written by Lee Glynn
January 19, 2022
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Contactless Signature Capture is a vital tool for keeping field teams safe and data accurate. Learn how you can easily implement e-signatures to authenticate information and increase accountability with forms2

Contactless Signature Capture has quickly become one of the most effective ways for businesses to keep field teams safe by reducing contact during the COVID-19 pandemic. But even in a post-pandemic world, e-signatures add a layer of accountability and digital security that can solve data loss, decrease company expenses and drastically reduce admin time.

There are almost countless benefits of contactless electronic signatures which we’ve discussed in detail in a previous article, but did you know just how easily can e-signatures can be implemented into your workflow with the forms2 platform?

Are you taking full advantage of this feature?

Contactless signature capture app with forms2

Even as the world adjusts to reducing social distancing, e-signatures remain an important part of business. Contactless signatures help us to authenticate information, sign contracts remotely and offer us a better way of capturing those all-important signatures in your forms and apps.

Sharing or passing your phone or tablet to somebody else to get their signature is not always an option. Accountability, proof of delivery and acceptance still remains a key part of any workflow and sign off still needs to be completed, regardless of whether we need to socially distance or not.

Introducing Contactless Signature Capture for android, iOS and windows with forms2.

Contactless signature capture is now available in the forms2 platform

That’s right, e-signatures that don’t require you to pass your phone or tablet to a different person to capture their signature are now available in your forms2 mobile forms and business apps.

But how do you enable and use the electronic signature feature in the forms2 platform?

Just use our new Contactless Signature Capture option on our signature field to enable e-signatures.

It’s a 2-step process.

  1. Add a signature field.
  2. Tick the option for ‘Contactless Capture’.

And you’re done!

The e-signature feature displays a QR code within your form in place of the signature box. The person who needs to electronically sign your mobile form can simply scan the QR code using the camera app on their phone or tablet (including iPad) and sign their signature from their own device.

Their signature now appears in your form as if they had signed directly on your screen.

This eradicates the need to email forms between signatories, be it a supervisor or customer, as you have instant proof of signature and job sign-off. It’s the quickest, easiest, and safest way to capture electronic signatures (e-signatures) with android, iOS and Windows devices without physical contact.

Watch the simple tutorial video below.

No physical contact, no problem! It couldn’t be simpler than just scan and sign. The new signature field with Contactless Signature Capture option is available now and ready to use.

Log in to the forms2 mobile form builder to try it for yourself and help keep your field teams safe, increase accountability and reduce admin time. If you don’t already have a form builder account why not sign up to a no obligation trial with forms2?

Speak to a platform specialist today and see how we can improve your workflow within 1 hour.

Want to know how electronic signature capture can benefit you? Read more about the 9 benefits of digital contactless signature in our blog.

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