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Mobile Forms & Apps For Any Industry

Written by Lee Glynn
December 31, 2021
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Build Your Own Business Apps In Days. Improve Accuracy, Improve Efficiency, Save Time, Save Money, and Reduce Your Response Times.

With forms2 you can go from beginner to low-code/no-code expert in days. It’s that simple.

Industry agnostic. Easy to use. Try forms2 mobile forms, and get up and running in days, not months.

Your business processes & systems are unique, enhance and improve your current workflow with intelligent business apps & mobile forms. Easily design & deploy apps & forms for field teams to use anytime anywhere, even offline!

Give yourself a competitive advantage without learning to code.

The Right Solution For You

forms2 is your complete workflow toolkit. Mobile forms, apps and more. Visualise & build simple and complex mobile apps that integrate with systems you already use. Integrate a solution that works for you, your team and your business.

14-day trial. No Fee. No obligation. Try today.

The easiest mobile form builder designed for busy professionals

14-day free trial

Companies large and small can reap the benefits of integrating a mobile workflow.

This is a small list of industries that the forms2 mobile business app platform can service.

  • Facilities Management.
  • Maintenance Engineers.
  • Health & Safety Professionals.
  • Holiday Park Management.
  • Government.
  • Service Engineers.
  • Transport & Distribution.
  • Void Property Management.
  • Construction & Site Management.
  • Energy & Utilities Contractors.
  • Healthcare Professionals.
  • Insurance & Financial Services.
  • Agriculture & Farming.
  • Environmental.
  • Oil & Gas Engineering.
  • Humanitarian.
  • Manufacturing.
  • HVAC Services.
  • Hospitality & Retail.
  • Telecommunications & IT.

Mobile forms, apps & workflows.

Build Business Apps For:

Distance & Area Mapping.
Journalism Reports.
Street Cleansing.
Vehicle Inspection Check.
Construction Safety Audit.
Daily Contractor Report.
Fire Protection Inspection.
Expense Report.
Job/Project Estimation.
Plumbing Inspection.

Build Mobile Forms For:

Risk assessment & compliance.
Maintenance requests.
Contract cleaning Audits.
Asset & inventory management.
Inspections & audits.
Incident monitoring & reporting.
Fleet management & logging.
HR & staff administration.
Surveys & report generation.
Questionnaires & assessments.

Build Workflows For:

Property/Structural Inspection.
Swimming Pool Inspection.
Building Survey.
Hazard Report.
Team Performance Report.
Food Service Health & Safety.
Pest Control Report.
Heating & Cooling Report.
Holiday Home Commissioning.
Purchase Orders.

Need mobile forms for your industry? We’ve worked with them all and can help you build a business app with mobile forms in days, not months.

Speak to a platform specialist today or enjoy a 14-day trial. No Fee. No obligation. Try today.

The easiest mobile form builder designed for busy professionals

14-day free trial

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