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Microsoft Azure Connector Now Available

Written by Jamie
May 1, 2015
Microsoft Azure integration with forms2


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We have just added support for the Microsoft Azure cloud storage to our live service. Microsoft Azure is an open, flexible, enterprise-grade cloud computing platform. We use it to provide you with the forms2mobile form builder.

Some of you are already using Azure Blob Storage for your data storage requirements. For those of you who are, this will enable you to automatically upload data entries from Forms directly in to Storage containers of your choice. You also have the ability to define folder structures and custom file names too.

In addition to the Form connector, we’ve also released an extra Data Source connector too. The Data Source connector enables you to automatically retrieve data directly from an Excel or CSV file located in Azure’s Blob Storage and send it straight into your form builder account.

Want to get started? Simply add your Microsoft Azure Storage account information to the Connections page, then add an Azure Storage connector to your Forms and Data Sources.

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