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Digital forms case study: Saving £30,000+ p.a.

Written by Lee Glynn
September 8, 2023
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Read our digital forms case study about how TD Construction Testing saved over £30,000 per year, cut admin by 80% and sped up test results for clients

From Paper Nightmares to Digital Dreams with forms2 digital forms – a digital forms and data capture app case study.

Imagine being a UKAS-accredited independent Materials Testing Laboratory, sending out 10,000 to 20,000 tests a year, and managing all of that with a paper-based system. Sounds like a nightmare, right?

That was the reality for TD Construction Testing.

Liz Gaskell, HSEQ Manager at TD Construction Testing, paints a vivid picture of the struggle:

“I used to have to control every site technician’s paper files, making sure they’ve got the right version numbers, the right documents that they need… And trying to keep track of that was a bit of a nightmare.”

But what if there was a way to turn this paper-based chaos into a streamlined, efficient, and cost-effective operation? Enter forms2 a platform that transformed TD Construction Testing’s operations from a paper-based system to a digital landscape with mobile data capture apps and digital forms thanks to an awesome citizen developer by the name of Liz Gaskill.

Digital Forms Case study: how digital forms helped speed up test tenfold, saved £30,000 per year and reduced admin by 80%

After implementing forms2 digital forms for construction the transformation was incredible.

Learn how Liz went from this:

“With paper forms sometimes it could take a few months before I see everybody get all their documents back in. Then signed to say it’s been updated and then make sure they’ve got the new version.

And I hated it. It was so time-consuming and long-winded and it was so easy to miss something. It might be a month before they come back to the lab, in which case the technician is using an out-of-date document for a month.”

To this:

“Now I literally just upload technician files onto the platform and I know that everyone’s got exactly what they’re supposed to have straight away. Technicians could lose documents in the van, and then find them weeks later. They’re then using the wrong version, and then you’ve just got a nightmare situation. Whereas now, it’s just one click and everything is updated for everybody straight away.”

The results? A jaw-dropping saving of £30,000 per year and a reduction in admin time by 80%.

But the benefits didn’t stop there. Liz couldn’t be happier with the transition, “We did rough calculations based on the time that we’ve been using the system already, and over a year, it’s a minimum of £30,000 that we’re going to save. That doesn’t even factor in any sort of fuel costs because the technicians don’t need to return to the office as much anymore to bring back paperwork.

It doesn’t take into account any environmental impact that we’ve now reduced because of the less travel that the technicians have to make. Using forms2 digital forms is saving the technicians time in the respect that they also don’t have to go back to the site, or come back to the office. Using forms2, helps us save on everything. Admin costs and time, even down to the amount of paper that we have to buy. The shredding costs for disposal. It has impacted on everything.”

Faster results for clients

In addition, TD Construction testing is now able to provide clients with construction materials testing results in a day where it would have sometimes taken many days or weeks. Just another benefit of going paperless with digital forms!

“There’s been jobs where we’ve been out in the morning doing the testing and the clients wanted the results the same day, so we’ve been able to process them immediately to get the results sent to them by the end of the day.” Darren Ames – Director

Ready to discover how TD Construction Testing turned their paper-based nightmares into digital dreams, saving over £30,000 pa. and reducing admin by up to 80% with forms2 digital forms and mobile data capture apps?

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