Frequently asked questions - Customer Service

You’ve got questions about forms2 and we’ve got answers! Here are some frequently asked questions our team members have put together to help you understand a little more about what we do here.

Yes! Standard and Premium customers (less than 50 users) enjoy email support from our friendly knowledgeable teams. We love email. Everyone we speak to gets a written record. We’ll loop in experts to help with queries, attach helpful documents or links to further reading, and best of all, you’re not left hanging on the line.

Just ping us your query and get on with your day. We’ll typically get back to you within that same day, if not within a few hours. We’re good like that!

Enterprise plan users (50 users and more) benefit from email support and telephone support for critical issues with a dedicated success manager. All users benefit from our extensive knowledge base – if you need help, we’re here!

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