What is Email?

Use Email to send notifications, documents and images to any email address, with data collected from your app and form entries.

How we work together:

Probably one of our most used screen connectors, Email! Use it to send quick notifications, customised reports, receipts, invoices, order details and confirmations.

Fully customizable with captured app and form data you determine exactly what gets sent, to whom, and when.

Data Source Use Cases

Unfortunately, you can’t use email for data sources right now.

Data Delivery Use Cases

  • Send a fully customised installation report to a customer once the installation is complete. Use the customers email address captured in the data entry and customise the body of the email. Add a fully customized Word or Excel template for that professional and personal touch making sure you are always ‘on brand’.
  • Add a run condition based on a form field to send a snag report to a maintenance team detailing any issues found during the installation. No snags found during the installation? Then no need to send the snag report.
  • Create and send SMS messages by sending an email to your choice of email-to-sms gateway services. Specify the destination number from your data entry and customise the body to only communicate field data that’s needed.

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