What is SharePoint Document Libraries?

The SharePoint Document Library is a custom List in SharePoint where you can create, read, update, and share the files or documents with other users of your site.

How we work together:

Our SharePoint Document Library connector enables you to store simple or formatted documents in your Document Libraries. Add the connector to your forms and screens and use Word or Excel templates to format your reports and app submissions. Use captured field data to dynamically specify the storage path and filename.

Data Source Use Cases

Unfortunately, you can’t use SharePoint Document Libraries for data sources right now.

Data Delivery Use Cases

  • Save a Word document for an Electrical Quality Assurance certificate. Format the document using a word template to match any type of certificate required. Dynamically specify the SharePoint sub-site name based upon details captured in the data entry.
  • Save a PDF document for an Electrical Quality Assurance certificate. Dynamically specify Enterprise Keywords to be applied to the document, for example Passed or Failed, based upon answers submitted with the data entry.
  • Use our SharePoint Document Libraries Mobile Form Connector to store data in CSV, excel, JSON, PDF, TXT, Word, XML file formats.

Latest updates

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