What is SharePoint Lists?

A SharePoint list is a collection of data that has some kind of structure to it: it is essentially like a table, a spreadsheet or a simple database and can include many different types of information.

How we work together:

Our SharePoint Lists connector can pull existing data from your datasets and tables into Data Sources to be used by your mobile apps and forms. Pull data from your tables with a timed refresh so your most up to date data is always available to your mobile teams.

Our SharePoint Lists connector can push data captured by your field teams directly into your SharePoint Lists. Automatically create new tables and push selected fields to columns.

Data Source Use Cases

  • Bring in a list of Method Statements including details of the Work Task, Working Method and Risk Assessment requirements. Use a Choices field in your screen design to choose the Work Task, and automatically populate additional read-only fields with Working Method and Risk Assessment details.
  • Bring in a Global Snagging List including details of Site Location, Snag Details and Resolution Due Date. Use a Choices field in your screen design to retrieve all snags filtered by Site Location. Use a second Choices Field to assign an engineering Task to an available engineer automatically specifying the due date from the data source.

Data Delivery Use Cases

  • Push only Snag related fields from a Fitout Installation app to a SharePoint List. Specify the Sub-Site Name and dynamically populate the List Name based on answers captured in your form. Map for fields to SharePoint Columns and specify the SharePoint Data Type.
  • Push updated Method Statement details to an existing SharePoint List. Use the Method Statement ID to reference an existing SharePoint List row to be updated.

Latest updates

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