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Build apps & workflows around your data.

We designed our mobile form builder with a clear concept & vision, “it’s all about you.” Our visual designer makes it easy for you to build powerful enterprise apps centred around your data, systems and processes.

Our app technology is built with enterprise data in mind, so data collection apps you build can handle enterprise workloads with ease and with great performance.

Industry Leading Features

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  • Signature Capture

    Signature Based Form Acceptance

    Customers, operatives and managers all benefit when signatures are used for acceptance and approval. Make sure your business operations remain compliant by capturing signatures at key points within your workflows.

  • Skip Logic

    Intelligent Input & Logic Control

    Lists, drop-downs, buttons, true/false and ratings questions all help increase the efficiency of your team by minimising the time needed to fill out mobile forms. Further enhance forms by using skip logic to specify paths of questions depending on previous answers.

  • Calculations & Formulas

    Real Time Calculations

    Automatic pricing, tax calculations, mileage, page scoring, answer weighting, mileage. Our sophisticated formula engine is baked right in across the entire platform meaning less errors, faster data entry and happier people.

  • Role Based Security

    User Roles & Security

    Give your team only the access they need. You can define user roles based on job dispatch, accessing collected data, building workflows & forms, data source management and documents. Mobile users can be assigned to groups, giving access to only the forms and apps they need.

  • Media Capture

    Images, Audio, Video

    Capture an image of the site, record evidence of the incident, sketch a layout. Whatever media you need, images, video and audio. We’ve got you covered whatever you need. Add context to your images by annotating them before you upload them.

  • GPS & Timestamps

    Verify Time & Location

    Record the location, date, start and end times of when a job is completed. Use Geo-fencing when you assign jobs or tasks to a user to specify the location the task must be completed at. Navigation to a site or job comes as standard.

  • Scanning & Lookup

    Why Type When You Can Scan?

    Barcodes, QR codes and Near Field Communication (NFC), scan a tag or a code to retrieve data and lookup records instantly. You could scan the barcode of an asset and update it’s service record, or you could scan an NFC tag to prove a location has been checked.

  • Data Sources

    Business Centric Data On Demand

    Access data and records from your existing databases or CRM’s. Business and job critical data such as client details, parts list and pricing tables can be made available direct to your team.