Enterprise Tool Kit

Enterprise Tool kit unlocks additional features for businesses that want additional control of their forms2 deployment, and tighter integration with their existing infrastructure.

Environments (Organisational Units (OUs)/Business Units)
Create additional sub environments within your account, similar to OU’s in Active Directory. You can organise your users, apps and screens by department, with each set of data being segregated. Essentially having multiple accounts, with an additional master organisation at the top level controlling company wide sub-deployments.

Your technical/IT team can centrally manage your forms2 master instance, while giving departments and Citizen Developers the autonomy they need to maintain and build apps for their own teams and needs, while still retaining overall centralised control of security and structure across all teams and departments.

This allows for individual departments to have their own app builder admins, that only have access to their departments and screens. For example an admin for the Sales team would have access to Sales department screens, not Maintenance department screens. The admins of the master organisation have access to all child or sub environments and departments. You can also set up separate Test and Production environments as part of your change management process.

This allows you to build screens and apps in your master account and make them available for publishing to sub environments. All builds are maintained in their master account. Any changes made to screens in the master account are automatically published to screens in sub-environments.

Screens that are published can be locked so that only users in the master organisation can edit them, or they can be unlocked so that sub environment admins can edit them as well.

Single Sign On (SSO)
Allows you to use SSO with your directory-service/identity-provider of choice, MS Azure Active Directory, Okta, Ping Identity. As companies embrace more cloud services, they need to maintain their user accounts and structure in more places. With the addition of SSO this reduces admin overhead and simplifies security by eliminating the need to maintain another set of users and permissions.

Azure Active Directory is able to perform the following actions automatically against our platform:
– Add new users
– Update selected details on users
– Deactivate users
– Authenticate users when they log in via our web portal or apps.

The following provisioning features are supported:
– Users created through Azure Active Directory will also be created in our platform
– Updates made to the user’s profile through Azure Active Directory will be pushed to us
– Deactivating the user or disabling the user’s access to the application through Azure Active Directory will deactivate the user on our platform
– Users can be imported from our platform into Azure Active Directory.

This means you can continue to provision users on your network as you normally would, without the need to maintain a duplicate user structure (and additional passwords) on our platform as well.

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