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forms2 – mobile app now in multiple languages​!

Written by Jamie
December 21, 2015
forms2 app is now available in multiple languages


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Introducing Multi Language! We’re always looking for ways to improve forms2 both in terms of functionality at the back end, and visually at the front end. We’ve been working with a number of clients who have requested the ability to use multiple languages at the front end. You’ve always been able to develop your screen in whatever language you wish to use, but changing the in app system text from English is not something you can do while you’re building your screens. However none of our clients have requested a language other than English until now! So we developed the ability to change the in app system text from the back end. This gives us the option to add multiple languages as and when they’re requested, and gives you guys the ability to change language as and when you need to. As it’s configured in app your users will be able to select a language that is most suitable to them without the need for administrator intervention.

As a growing business we are always looking for new ways to improve our product, and when we got the opportunity to work with a Financial Services organisation who specialises in the growing Polish marketplace we knew we had a solution that would instantly work for them. As they are fluent in the Polish language they have translated the in app system text themselves, giving a fast and accurate translation that not only helps their staff, but also their clients. Users can select between their language of choice at any time from the settings menu, or at first login.

So what languages are available?


As of today, the next time you sync your app you will receive the new language pack. You can select your default app language from both the login and the settings screens. By selecting a different language you will be changing the system text within the app. So any informational messages or warnings will be changed. Any screens you have created will remain in the language you have created them in.

We’re hoping to bring some more European languages on line in the New Year. If you have any specific language requirements please let us know. We’re more than happy to work with your team to implement additional languages, or we can arrange for translations on your behalf. Either way feel free to contact us.