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How forms2 Helped MAAC grow 66% YOY with mobile Forms and Apps

Written by Jamie
April 30, 2022
Forms2 Maac


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Read how MAAC heating & cooling achieved a 66% YOY growth with mobile forms and apps they built using the no-code forms2 workflow builder

If you’re wondering whether the no-code forms2 platform is going to help improve your workflows through mobile forms and business apps, you need to ask yourself a question:

When was the last time a piece of paper actually improved workflows in your business?

We’ll wait…

This is the same thing Tom Harvey, Managing Director of MAAC Heating & Cooling realised just before he spoke to our platform specialists.

He and his team of 18 employees were on a mission to make MAAC the industry leader in bringing world-class heating and cooling services to residential and industrial customers across the UK.

From tiny medical spaces to buildings upwards of 8 stories high with 150 rooms. They handle it all.

They also handled a lot of paper forms.

That were getting lost.

Or not filled out properly.

Or forgotten.

Workflows were suffering, records were inconsistent and customers didn’t have the transparency that Tom wanted to provide.

It needed to change.

I guess you know the feeling otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this testimonial.

See how Tom managed to provide 360 transparency to his customers through proof of work mobile forms built on the no-code forms2 business apps platform. How mandatory fields and photo functionality protected his staff and gave them accountability and how access to up-to-date data reduced unnecessary call-outs.

Oh and MAAC also enjoyed a 66% YoY growth. Which is pretty cool…

But we’re not going to brag.

Read how Tom went from this:

“Before we partnered with forms2, we had problems where the engineers didn’t have clarity of the job.
They didn’t have clear instructions, diagrams or a job spec to go off. And when they completed the job, all we had were carbon copy job sheets – just pieces of paper which couldn’t steer the engineer in terms of what to fill out.”

To this:

“With forms2 forms and apps, that completely and utterly changed overnight. It’s improved and changed all areas in the business. Our growth rate has been so steep, it’s forever changing and we’re at about 66% in growth (YOY).”

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