Custom Reports and Documents

You’ve built an amazing mobile app for your field teams that they love using. You’ve integrated it with your existing tech stack and your IT team and senior management love having real-time access to critical data and performance metrics. Share the love even further by adding fully customised documents to your app and form connectors.

Fast and familiar; Use familiar tools like Microsoft Word and Excel to easily design fully customised output, document and report templates. With document templates you can present your data in the best possible way for your customers, internal teams, partners and stakeholders. Customise every element so that everyone has the right data at the right time.

Functional and fun; Include the data you need, exclude the data you don’t. Add corporate branding, captured images, location and mapping data, custom links, and more.

Dynamic and insightful; Whether your apps and forms capture a single row of data, or hundreds of rows. Create dynamic templates that adjust automatically to the data your teams capture and submit.

Conditional and personal; Use multiple templates across multiple connectors, create an internal report to save into Google Drive, and a customer report to be emailed upon completion of a job. Run them all simultaneously or add conditions to ensure they’re delivered on time and on brand.

Keep your customers happy; Do you customers require their own documents completing? No problem! Simply add your customers document template to a connector and forms2 will populate the document as your customer needs it.

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