The humble workshop manual, instruction set, etc. There’s a lot to be said for having access to a PDF when you need it most.

Assign the right documents to the right groups and make sure your teams have the documents they need, when they need them.

Link to documents from your business apps and mobile forms to make sure they are referenced at the right point in your process.

Lets run through a quick example:
You have a technical schematic diagram that is regularly updated. Simply create a Document in the document library and add a PDF to it. Whenever the PDF is updated in the document library your teams will automatically download the latest version next time they sync their device.

What if the schematic needs to be viewed at a particular stage of a job or before a process is marked as complete? That’s easy, simply add a link in your apps, forms or screens to open the document at the appropriate time. You can also add logic to ensure the document is read before proceeding.

Combining Documents and Tasks
You have a change in process that needs to be seen by all team members urgently, it needs verification each and every team member has read it.

Create a task for a team member to read a doc. Set a time the task must be completed by. View the task status page on the platform to see who has or hasn’t read the doc. Use task connectors to send the team member a reminder email or SMS if they haven’t completed the task.

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