Multi Stage Workflows

Tame even the most complex workflows using our powerful tasks engine and Process Step fields.

Using Tasks and Process Steps you can build :

  • Workflows from the Back office to your field teams
  • Workflows between your field teams and users
  • Workflows from your field teams to your back office

Our tools help you automate your workflows to ensure even the most complex processes perform consistently every single time without missing a beat.

Lets run through a quick example :
Let’s say you have a foreperson on a work site completing a Works Authorisation. The foreperson needs the first part of the authorisation signed off by a supervisor before they can proceed to the next part or the authorisation process. This Works Authorisation process has several stages, and each needs to be signed off before the foreperson can proceed to the next stage.

Using a Process Step at the end of each stage, the foreperson can send the data they have already completed to their supervisor for review and approval. Once the supervisor has reviewed and signed off the work completed so far, they can use a Process Step to send the approval back to the foreperson so they can continue with the next steps of the process. The next stage of the process may need to be signed off by a different manager or superintendent. No problem, you can define the process strictly by assigned different stages to named users, or you could use a drop down for the foreperson to select the appropriate person to sign off their work.

You can add as many Process Steps as you like, involving many different teams and users, giving you the flexibility to build simple and complex workflows to suit your business.

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