Screen Import/Export (Rapid Prototyping)

With our handy import/export feature you can download your forms and apps and make changes using Excel.

  • Rapidly update your forms using familiar commands and tools; Need to change the background colour of a bunch of fields but don’t want to have to ‘touch’ each one individually? Simply export your screen design and edit it in Excel. Use familiar tools like search and replace or use fill tools to make volume changes quickly and with precision, then import your changes once you’re done. Simple!
  • Easily copy fields, pages and connectors from one form to another; You’ve spent time building and perfecting a particular page or connector, now you want to replicate your achievements to another screen design because, well, they’re really good and you’re proud of them! Export your handiwork into Excel and copy/paste key parts of a design into a new screen. Build once, use many times, there’s no need to recreate anything you’ve already done.

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