Screen Types

Building custom mobile apps and forms can be as simple or as detailed as you need it to be. We give you the tools and flexibility to be as creative as you can be. Build simple single screen forms, or complex multi screen apps. All our screen types integrate with each other so you can build exactly what you need. Masses of flexibility without complexity to help you build dynamic mobile apps quickly.

  • Data Entry screen; The daddy of all screens with masses of flexibility, this is probably the most used screen type for building mobile apps and forms. Use it to capture data, complete forms and requests, and for updating data in third party systems. Quickly and easily replace existing paper forms.
  • Listing screen; This screen is ‘data driven’ and ideal for visualising, searching and filtering data from your data sources. Used in conjunction with the Details Screen, you can pick an entry from a summarised list and drill down to get more details.
  • Details screen; Get an in depth view of your data, contacts, jobs, sites, anything! Great for expanding on summarised data. View full contact details, full description of a part or product, anything that has extra details associated with it.
  • Mapping & navigation; You can visualise any kind of data source that contains location information. With location data captured from your forms and other sources, you can map any kind of data. From points-of-interest, to customer sites and office locations. Visualise and navigate with ease.
  • Icon board; Great for creating that all important navigation within your apps. Create icons that open data capture screens, web pages, dial phone numbers, or even another icon board. Bring your apps to life with interactions and simplify in-app navigation for your teams.

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