What is Egnyte?

The Egnyte Platform provides the ability for IT admins to automatically classify and manage metadata through document type identification, which allows them to turn their unstructured data to structured data.

How we work together:

Using our Egnyte Data Source connector enables you to import updated Excel sheets and CSV files for use as forms2 Data Sources. Import new and updated rows on a scheduled basis to keep your Data Sources up to date with the freshest data for your teams.

Using our Egnyte Form connector enables you to store data entries captured by your field teams in your Egnyte account. Store documents in a variety of formats including Word and PDF and customise them using document templates.

Data Source Use Cases

  • Bring in a Machine Maintenance Check Log containing machine ID, last check date, last checked by name, and multiple items to check. Use a Data Entry screen and a Choices Field configured for Barcode Lookup to scan the barcode on the machine. Automatically populate fields containing the last check details based on the scanned barcode.
  • Use a Listing Screen to search and display all machine checks performed by a particular user. Link to a Details Screen to display the full details of each machine check.

Data Delivery Use Cases

  • Save a Text file with full details of each maintenance check log entry. Format the text file using a JSON template so the check log entry can be imported into other systems and platforms.
  • Save a PDF report of any failed check log entries. Format the report using a Word template to only include pertinent failure information. Add a Run Condition to only save the report if the maintenance check has failed.
  • Use our Egnyte Connector to store data in CSV, excel, JSON, PDF, Text File, Word, XML file formats.

Latest updates

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