• Mobile and tablet data collection on forms 2 mobile

    Mobile & Tablet Data Collection.

    Equip your field teams with the custom tools and data collection apps that make work on the move easier & faster.

    Enable your teams to receive tasks dispatched from the office, review & collect critical data in the field and, submit validated error free data both on or off-line.
    Increase Accuracy, Efficiency & Productivity, tablet & mobile data collection at it’s finest.

Build robust apps ready for real work.

Build apps & workflows with a vast array of field types, cascading lists, repeating sections, conditional logic &, just about anything you can think of to create efficient mobile data collection applications.

Web based apps are great… when you’re connected. That’s why our mobile and tablet data collection apps are offline capable and 100% native, so you can keep working even when your internet connection isn’t.

Our intelligent mobile app technology will store all data securely on your mobile device, uploading & synchronising when you’re connected.

Industry Leading Features

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  • Real Time Sync

    Always On, Always Up To Date

    Apps, workflows, forms, keep everything up to date and in sync, securely. Receive new tasks and forms as they are dispatched. Uploads collected information instantly. Keep everyone on the same page at all times.

  • Works Offline

    No Signal? No Problem!

    Whether you work at the top of towers, the bottom of lift shafts, or anywhere in between, there will always be times when you don’t get a signal. Our native apps for Android and Apple (iOS) means you can collect and access data whenever you need it. (Windows version coming soon!)

  • Question Logic

    Intelligent Input & Logic Control

    Lists, drop-downs, buttons, true/false and ratings questions all help increase efficiency when you’re working. Minimise the time needed to fill out forms. Further enhance your electronic forms by using skip logic to specify paths to questions depending on previous answers.

  • Maps & Location

    Task Location & Navigation

    Ensure tasks and jobs are completed at the correct location with Geo-Fencing and navigation. Field teams can easily see where their tasks need to be completed and, office teams gain that all important real-time business overview.

  • Notifications & Messaging

    Stay fully informed

    Push notifications are an essential part of keeping your field teams up to speed. Notifications are automatically sent when tasks and jobs are assigned. You can also send custom messages on demand informing your teams of updates or changes they need to know about

  • Signature & Media Capture

    Images, Audio, Video, Signatures, Sketches.

    Capture an image of the site, record evidence of the incident, sketch a layout. Whatever media you need, images, video and audio. We’ve got you covered whatever you need. Add context to your images by annotating them before you upload them. Make sure your business operations remain compliant by capturing signatures at key points within your workflows.

  • Bring Your Own Device

    Business & User Friendly

    Whether you manage your own fleet of mobile devices, or you’re teams and contractors use their own. Simply download forms2mobile for Android and Apple (iOS) tablets & phones from the store. Your workflows, forms and data collection apps will work on any device with any sized screen.

  • Documents & Manuals

    Keep the latest information in hand

    Service manuals, user guides, plans & layouts. Push documents and files to your teams so they always have the latest most up to date information available.