Introducing our

Autumn ‘Shoot for the Moon’ Update

(part 4)

New Billing Pages Features

We’ve listened to your feedback and have been busy redesigning the look, feel and functionality of managing your user licenses.

    • Streamlined subscription management. Currently you need to head off to different pages to add features like SQL Sync or White Label Apps, ending up with different subscriptions. We’re introducing a single page with all features and options to make the management process easier. We’re also combining everything into a single clear and concise subscription.
    • Additional email addresses. For a lot of businesses, the primary email address might not be the one that handles the accounts. So we’re adding the option to include additional email addresses to receive transaction related emails. Now you can stop forwarding them on each month πŸ™‚
    • PDF invoices. To help the accounts team save some time, we’re including pdf invoices for Subscription renewals.
    • Two Factor Authentication (2FA). To help protect your account we’re introducing optional Two Factor authentication for the billing pages. When you enable the feature you will be emailed a one time code (OTC) to enter along with your username and password.
  • Direct Debit. With our partner GoCardless, we’re introducing Direct Debit as a payment method for UK customers. We’re planning on rolling this out to additional countries in the near future.

New User Account Types

A lot has changed since we first turned the lights on back in 2013. We’ve added a ton of new features over the years and have based our roadmap on how you guys use the platform to build amazing applications for your teams. Moving forwards we’re splitting user types into two distinct categories, Standard Users and Premium Users. Check out the full list of features available for the different types.

Feature Standard Users Premium Users
iOS/Android/Windows operating platforms βœ” βœ”
Data Feed βœ” βœ”
New and improved formula functions βœ” βœ”
App Links βœ” βœ”
Enterprise Toolkit βœ” βœ”
– Enterprise ID management βœ” βœ”
GPS Fast Capture βœ” βœ”
Send media files separately βœ” βœ”
Enhanced FTP – sftp now included βœ” βœ”
Populate Tables from DataSources βœ” βœ”
REST field type – Call any external API within a form βœ”
1500 form submissions βœ”
Unlimited form submissions βœ”
Standard Connectors βœ” βœ”
Premium Connectors * βœ”
Tasks & Job dispatch βœ”
Task Calendar View βœ”
Recurring Tasks βœ”
Task Connectors βœ”
Tasks assigned to first available user βœ”
Improved task filtering βœ”
Task Timezones βœ”
Document Management βœ”
On Device Printing Printing Support βœ”
Dynamic Image Watermarking βœ”

*Currently the only non Premium Connector is the SharePoint list form connector

We have high hopes for this new release, and we think you’ll love all the new features, as they offer significantly more value and options to existing and new customers.Β  We’ll be switching on everything, new features, new user types, new pages, progressively between the 25th October and 1st November. Keep an eye out for the updates and let us know what you think!