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Case Study: Slashing Paper use by 77% & Saving £277,000 p.a.

Written by Lee Glynn
February 8, 2022
European Camping Group forms2


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When European Camping Group were losing £90,000 per year in linen and wasting £112,000 in paper, forms2 was there to help them streamline workflows and cut costs. Read our mobile forms and facility management apps case study

If you’re reading this mobile forms and business apps case study, you’re likely wondering how you can save money, reduce paper use for your business, streamline data collection and put an end to labour-intensive admin.

This is exactly what European Camping Group, Europe’s leading mobile home and camping holiday provider wanted to do. And they succeeded thanks to mobile facilities and tourism management apps.

With over 2,500 employees and 300 sites across 10 countries they wanted to ensure data collection and data capture was accurate, reliable and safe.

They did it replacing unreliable paper forms with mobile forms and business apps. By using a no-code business app they could build themselves. Normalising data collection and business processes through the forms2 platform and building a hospitality and facility management app that worked for them.

A facility management app and mobile forms case study

In summary, through using forms2 European Camping Group saved:

  • £90,000 in lost stock per year
  • £75,000 in admin per year
  • £92,000 in paper per year
  • £20,000 in fax machine costs per year
  • A total of £277,000 per year

See how European Camping Group went from this:

“Collecting data and chasing data is frustrating, particularly where it’s paper-based. You never quite know where you are up to. We were spending vast amounts of time, effort and money on basic tasks, and encountered issues time and time again with missing records, ‘lost’ assets and reporting. Something had to change.”

James Laverty Deputy Director of Product Delivery at European Camping Group

To this:

“We saved [the cost of] five or six permanent positions per year. We now have reliable data and can respond quickly [to any issues] which is invaluable for the business.”

Romain Lucas Managing Director at Marvilla Parks

If you’re reading this testimonial and forms2 case study, you want to make a positive change and improve your workflow, eradicate data inaccuracies and save money. So, pop your email in the box below for access to the full article and see how you can make a positive, lasting change for your business with our low-code/no-code mobile business app platform.

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