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Holiday Park Management App Case Study: Saving £277,000 p.a.

Written by Lee Glynn
February 8, 2022
European Camping Group forms2


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This is how European Camping Group saved a total of £277,000 per year with digital forms and no-code apps for holiday park management. Read our digital forms and holiday park management apps case study

When European Camping Group were losing £90,000 per year in linen and wasting £112,000 in paper, forms2 was there to help them streamline workflows and cut costs. In our latest mobile forms and holiday park management and holiday parks apps case study we’ll breaks down exactly how.

If you’re reading this mobile forms and business apps case study, you’re likely wondering how you can save money, reduce paper use for your business, streamline data collection and put an end to labour-intensive admin.

This is exactly what European Camping Group, Europe’s leading mobile home and camping holiday provider wanted to do. And they succeeded thanks to mobile facilities and tourism management apps.

With over 2,500 employees and 300 sites across 10 countries they wanted to ensure data collection and data capture was accurate, reliable and safe.

They did it replacing unreliable paper forms with mobile forms and business apps. By using a no-code business app they could build themselves. Normalising data collection and business processes through the forms2 platform and building a hospitality and holiday parks app that worked for them.

A holiday parks app and mobile forms case study

In summary, through using forms2 European Camping Group saved:

  • £90,000 in lost stock per year
  • £75,000 in admin per year
  • £92,000 in paper per year
  • £20,000 in fax machine costs per year
  • A total of £277,000 per year

See how European Camping Group went from this:

“Collecting data and chasing data is frustrating, particularly where it’s paper-based. You never quite know where you are up to. We were spending vast amounts of time, effort and money on basic tasks, and encountered issues time and time again with missing records, ‘lost’ assets and reporting. Something had to change.”

James Laverty Deputy Director of Product Delivery at European Camping Group
To this:

“We saved the cost of five or six permanent positions per year. We now have reliable data and can respond quickly to any issues which is invaluable for the business.”

Romain Lucas Managing Director at Marvilla Parks

No-Code Apps & Digital Forms For Holiday Park Management Case Study Results Summary

The Challenge

The European Camping Group (ECG), a leading provider of mobile home holidays in Europe, faced significant challenges that all holiday park managers face – outdated paper-based systems. With over 2,500 employees and 300 sites, the manual processes of filing paper, faxing and storage were costly, inefficient, and error-prone, leading to substantial financial and operational inefficiencies all over their global business.

The Solution

ECG turned to forms2 to help them with digital forms and no-code apps for holiday park management to modernise their data capture with data capture apps and process management. This included implementing reliable, trackable mobile forms and no-code apps to replace paper forms, integrating these tools with Google Workspace to streamline workflows and enhance data security across their European operations.

The Results

The transition to forms2 mobile forms and no-code apps, in conjunction with Google Workspace resulted in a massive reduction in costs, saving ECG approximately £277,000 per year. This included significant savings from reduced paper usage, elimination of fax costs, and the discovering of lost inventory. Additionally, the new system improved data accuracy, operational efficiency, and overall customer satisfaction.

Digital Forms Case Study Results Expanded

The Challenge

The European Camping Group (ECG) faced significant inefficiencies with its outdated paper-based system. Managing operations across 300 camping sites in 10 countries, they dealt with hundreds of thousands of paper forms annually. The reliance on these forms resulted in substantial costs, approximately £112,000 spent on paper and an additional £20,000 on fax machine expenses yearly – not to mention the admin of filing, organising and managing this paper.

“Collecting data and chasing data is frustrating, particularly where it’s paper-based. You never quite know where you are up to.” – Steve Lynch, Product Delivery Manager, ECG

The manual processing of paper forms led to data inaccuracies and operational delays – no one knew ifa cabin needed repair, where stock was, or where a vehicle was at any time. Incorrectly filled, lost, or damaged forms frequently caused data entry errors and significant administrative overhead, slowing down essential operations such as inventory management and safety compliance.

“It was a nightmare because it’s such high odds that the data will not flow in. And obviously, then you had to pay staff to take the papers and then fill in some Excel sheets. They were just mistaking some of the information because they were writing three hundred instead of thirty. It was a disaster to consolidate.” – Romain Lucas, then Managing Director at Marvilla Parks

They approached forms2 in urgent need for a digital transformation to streamline processes, enhance data accuracy, and ensure compliance with data protection laws, prompting ECG to adopt a modern solution with forms2 mobile forms and no-code holiday park management apps integrated with Google Workspace.

The Solution

Faced with the heavy task of transferring their paper-based system to a new no-code approach and digital forms for holiday park management, the European Camping Group (ECG) collaborated with forms2 to develop a no-code holiday park management app tailored to their specific operational needs that would also be translatable across multiple European languages. This transition was crucial in eliminating the reliance on inefficient paper forms and replacing them with a digital forms capable of managing the complexities of holiday park operations including customer check in, standardised processes, inventory checks and health inspections. Because we all know the benefits and why you should digitise your health and safety inspections

“You can’t react to something if you don’t know what’s going on.”

Initially, ECG worked with forms2 to implement Google Workspace, which served as the foundation for improving communication and data security across the organization. After taking advantage of our integrations API’s, the team at forms2 helped with the transition to digital forms for holiday park management, ensuring that data from various sites could be managed and analysed more efficiently.

After working with our no-code platform specialists, ECG focused on developing and deploying mobile forms and apps through the forms2 platform complete with required fields, geo-tagging and multiple languages. These holiday park management digital forms were designed to be user-friendly and were integrated directly with Google Workspace, allowing for real-time data capture with data capture apps and reporting. Mandatory fields in the forms ensured that all necessary information was accurately captured, reducing previous issues with data completeness and accuracy. Best of all, they were easy to fill out!

By integrating these digital tools, ECG was able to streamline processes from check-in and maintenance to safety checks and inventory management across their holiday parks. This shift not only improved operational efficiency but also slashed the costs associated with paper use and manual data entry. They knew the benefits of digital maintenance checks and wanted to roll them out. 

The no-code holiday park management app built on the forms2 platform and Google Workspace marked a digital transformation shift for ECG, allowing them to manage their Europe-spanning network of holiday parks much more effectively through trackable digital forms and no-code apps anyone could use, ultimately enhancing their overall business operations and customer service.

The Results

European Camping Group saved a total of £277,000 per year, almost immediately. 

Digital transformation by the way of forms2 mobile forms and apps, alongside Google Workspace, resulted in substantial cost savings across several areas. ECG achieved an annual saving of £92,000 by reducing paper usage dramatically. The benefits of shifting away from paper forms to digital forms also eliminated £20,000 annually in fax machine costs, as all communications and data transfers were digitised and integrated into the Google Workspace platform.

“The reduction in paperwork pays for forms2. You’ve got a much more robust system. Anything we do with forms2 holiday park management app is actually saving us money. It’s pure savings. We use the extranet, we use Google Drive, and we send emails frequently and that’s probably the preferred method rather than a phone call these days.” Steve Lynch

Additionally, ECG recovered £90,000 each year from lost stock, particularly linen, which was previously unaccounted for due to inefficient paper-based tracking systems. The new mobile forms and no-code apps that were rolled out across Europe now gave ECG far more accurate tracking and complete views on inventory management, significantly reducing losses. No towel or piece of linen lost!

That wasn’t all! ECG saved between £75,000 and £114,000 annually in administrative costs. The automation of data entry to the backend system, making it EASIER for employees to enter data and standardised data management processes allowed the company to reallocate resources more effectively, enhancing productivity and reducing labour costs.

“We saved the cost of five or six permanent positions per year that would be dedicated to doing the same job on paper or Excel sheets [that forms2 can do]. On top of that, we now have reliable data and can respond quickly [to any issues] which is invaluable for the business.” Romain Lucas

It’s plain to see in this digital forms and holiday park management no -code apps case study that, the integration of forms2 mobile forms and no-code apps with Google Workspace revolutionised ECG’s operational processes, leading to a total annual savings of approximately £277,000.

This digital transformation not only streamlined operations but also provided a more secure, reliable, and efficient way to manage the extensive needs of their holiday park management, ensuring sustainable business growth and improved customer service. Just some of the benefits of data capture apps !

If you’re reading this testimonial and forms2 digital forms and holiday park management case study, you want to make a positive change and improve your workflow, eradicate data inaccuracies and save money. Speak to us today and make a positive, lasting change for your business with our low-code/no-code mobile business app platform.

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