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Case Study: Digital Purchase Order Apps Improved Purchasing Process

Written by Lee Glynn
March 19, 2024
Digital Purchase Order Apps Improved Purchasing Process


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In our mini case study, we show you how digital purchase order apps made with forms2 resulted in significant cost savings and improved the electronic purchase order system for our customer

Today we’re talking about solving problems that electronic purchase orders suffer from – not selecting the best price! Which is… probably the BIGGEST problem to have!

Here’s how we solved it with a no-code app designed for purchase orders.

Our client, let’s call them MEGA COMPANY, realised an e-procurement transformation by using digital purchase order apps created on the forms2 platform. They did this by designing the no-code purchase order app to automatically identify the cheapest supplier from their database before creating purchase orders.

Effectively automating the decision process and slashing the need for those horrible repetitive tasks and laborious purchasing processes that purchasing managers had to deal with when replenishing stock or creating warehouse orders.

Let’s have a closer look at how digital purchase ordering systems improved their purchasing process.

Digital Purchase Order Apps Improved Purchasing Process

Background – The need for no code digital purchase order apps!

MEGA COMPANY, grappling with inefficiencies in its procurement process and electronic purchase order system, wanted to overhaul its approach to managing purchase orders with digital purchase order forms. The existing electronic purchase order system they had in place was TERRIBLE at leveraging cost savings through optimal supplier selection – put simply, it wouldn’t provide the best price at the time. The team at MEGA COMPANY knew they had to shift to a more sophisticated electronic purchase order system where purchase orders would go through a pre-qualification check of the lowest price before an electronic purchase order request could be made.

Objective – design the no-code digital purchase order app to work with the existing electronic purchase order system

The no-code app had to automate digital purchase orders as much as possible, and it had to co-exist with their existing purchasing software.

When speaking to our platform specialists, the goal was to make the purchasing process faster, and cheaper for the business by implementing a digital purchase order system that could automatically identify the most cost-effective suppliers, optimising the e procurement platform for their business and achieving cost savings. Where existing digital purchase orders had to go through a manual process of selecting the cheapest price or include manual checks with a supplier exchange, the no-code digital order apps had to exist on a centralized platform that any purchase order manager could use on mobile devices, quickly!

Solution & benefits – no code apps and digital purchase orders

Thanks to the integration of the forms2 platform alongside their existing database of supplier contacts and stock lists, the easy to use digital purchase order software brought a comprehensive solution to MEGA COMPANY.

Benefit 1 – Digital Purchase Orders with the lowest cost

The new no code electronic purchase order system enabled the creation of electronic purchase orders in seconds – with a major reduction in manual processes – no more sifting through suppliers checking stock prices. This streamlined the purchase order process and enhanced the efficiency across all aspects of e-procurement, including exchanging supplier contracts.

benefit 2 – Automated Supplier Selection

Leveraging electronic procurement technology in the form of a no-code digital purchase order app that MEGA COMPANY built themselves using the forms2 drag and drop interface, the new electronic purchase order system suggested the most economical options, whether it was cheaper, more cost effective for the client or what they had in stock, from a vast network of their suppliers, directly impacting the e-procurement department’s ability to achieve cost savings which affected the MEGA COMPANY bottom line.

Benefit 3 – Procurement Software Integration

Anyone reading this knows that they’ll want their no-code digital purchase order apps to integrate with their existing database, tech stack and e-procurement software they have. Fortunately, the forms2 platform does all that and more! The digital purchase order systems were integrated with existing procurement software, ensuring seamless operation and data consistency across the business as well as the protection of confidential data and better contract management.

Benefit 4 – Mobile Accessibility

Field teams and procurement managers could initiate purchase order requests and approve purchase orders through no code mobile apps, enhancing the flexibility of the purchasing workflows. No matter where they were, as long as they had signal, managers could use their mobile devices to create purchase orders whether they were in the warehouse dealing with mispicks and trying to reduce mispicks or on a plane ready to fly to a supplier meeting in Hong Kong.

Benefit 5 – E-Procurement Process Improvement

Overall, the major benefit of the digital purchase order app was that it automated several aspects of the procurement process, from purchase requisitions to final approvals, marking a significant process improvement and eradicating the repetitive tasks that we all know can cause headaches or be prone to errors.

How was the no-code digital purchase order app Implemented?

Our platform specialists helped the IT department and procurement managers develop the no code digital purchase order app to ensure it did everything they needed it to do.

  • Select a supplier – yep.
  • Check for the best price? Yep.
  • Buy the product? Yep.
  • Check stock lists on the app? Got that too!

The team at MEGA COMPANY then sat with training procurement personnel, including procurement managers and procurement teams, to train them on the new electronic purchase order system and its functionalities, and as everyone already knows how to use phones and tablets, it’s safe to say the team at MEGA COMPANY were up and running within a few days!

So what were the major RESULTS for MEGA COMPANY?

The adoption of digital purchase order software in the form of a no-code app and electronic purchase orders led to:

1 – Cost Savings

The digital purchase order system’s ability to select cost-effective suppliers resulted in direct cost savings as users would automate the selection process, with the app automatically suggesting the cheapest or most cost-effective product in-app. The cost savings were a key objective for the procurement department – we’re happy to say that this was achieved.

2 – Purchase Order Efficiency

The volume of purchase orders processed increased significantly, with the electronic purchase order system handling purchase orders with improved accuracy and speed, again due to the automated selection of the cheapest product available, procurement managers had less manual work to worry about.

3 – Supplier Management

Enhanced supplier management was achieved through better visibility into supplier contracts and performance. This was a win-win for MEGA COMPANY as they were able to improve supplier relations by using a vast array of suppliers instead of the “usual suspects”.

4 – Approval Process Streamlining

The approval process for purchase orders became more efficient, with the ability to handle 2 to 4 times the previous volume.

5 – Digital Purchase Orders

The shift to digital purchase, involving anywhere between 10-50 aspects of the procurement cycle, marked a significant advancement in procurement automation. As paper processes could be unreliable, with certain sections in a form not being filled out correctly, the team at MEGA COMPANY effectively eradicated the need for paper, by creating required fields in their purchase requests as well as skip logic so managers could fly through a form, digital purchase orders proved to be a way out of the mire of filling in paper forms!

6 – Procurement Practices became data-driven

No one wants to analyse 100 sheets of paper to spot sales or cost trends.

The electronic procurement system MEGA COMPANY built with forms2 no code apps reshaped procurement practices, making them more data-driven and efficient. With managers able to check sales analytics, and track cost fluctuations and stock levels in real-time across suppliers via an API, procurement was 10x faster.

What’s next for the MEGA COMPANY E procurement system?

Thanks to the help from our platform specialists and swift adoption of the no code digital purchase order apps, MEGA COMPANY is exploring further enhancements in electronic data interchange (EDI) to streamline the purchase order process and really strengthen vendor and client relationships. The next step is a focus is also on expanding the capabilities of their no-code digital purchase order systems for broader supply chain management and warehousing.


This mini-case study on how one company used a digital purchase order app they built themselves (with some help from our platform specialists) demonstrates the transformative impact of digital purchase order integration on MEGA COMPANY’s procurement process. By adopting an automated approach to procurement and e-procurement processes, the company not only achieved significant cost savings but also set a new standard in procurement efficiency and supplier management.

We can’t wait to see what they do next!

Want to see more digital form and no-code app case studies? Read these! and watch our case study video to see how TD Construction saved £30,000 almost overnight with digital forms and data capture apps!

What are some of the features I can build into my mobile app on forms2?

With a no code digital purchase order app built on the forms2 platform, you can efficiently manage your purchase order process in a streamlined and integrated manner using digital forms. The platform allows you to create and approve purchase orders, as well as amend and void them as needed. While approving, you have the option to write comments, enhancing communication and clarity.

You can design your app to add attachments to your purchase orders, and save your purchase orders as drafts or templates for future use. The platform also enables you to review all purchase orders and their net totals instantly, ensuring transparency and ease of tracking across departments. Adding deliveries to your purchase orders and matching invoices against them is way easier too.

Moreover, you have the capability to add and edit account codes for your purchase order items, allowing for precise financial management and categorisation.

Speak to a platform specialist today and let’s improve your procurement process and purchase order systems in days, not months!

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How does a digital purchase order work?

A digital purchase order, using purchase order software or no code apps is a highly efficient electronic document for requesting and authorising the purchase of goods and services from your suppliers. Leveraging the forms2 no-code app builder for example, and mobile data integration capabilities, businesses can create, manage, and streamline their digital purchase orders seamlessly, aligning them with their existing tech stack and operational workflows.

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