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White Label No-Code Apps & Digital Forms for Healthcare Case Study

Written by Lee Glynn
July 2, 2024
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How a white-label app partner built a no-code apps & digital forms for healthcare business in a box for £750* per month!

In our latest no-code app case study, we’re discussing how our forms2 white label app customer, Pete at “White-Label Healthcare Data Collection Company*” – a no-code white-label partner for event medical services built an entire business model using forms2’s white-label no-code platform to create digital forms for healthcare and healthcare data capture apps for events that needed comprehensive healthcare forms with HIPAA & GDPR compliance. This would have included a Business Associate Agreement to ensure HIPAA compliance when collecting and sharing sensitive patient health information. By adopting the forms2 platform, “White-Label Healthcare Data Collection Company*” streamlined patient care processes, saved precious time, enhanced overall service quality and ensured events organisers were insured correctly.

*Caveat – the client wished to remain anonymous. We can say the company supplied white label no-code apps for healthcare services needed healthcare data collection apps, secure medical forms and digital forms for healthcare, to leading event medical service providers in the UK.

White Label No-Code Mobile Apps & Digital Forms for Healthcare: Case Study Summary

White Label No-Code Apps & Digital Forms for Healthcare Case Study banner

How “White-Label Healthcare Data Collection Company” built a white label app and an entire business model for mobile healthcare providers who needed digital forms and data capture apps that eradicated unreliable paper forms.

The “White-Label Healthcare Data Collection Company” used the no-code forms2 platform to create a complete white-labeled solution and no-code app for managing event medical services that they licenced to mobile healthcare providers. In this case study we’ll show you how they used digital forms and no-code apps to enhance reporting accuracy, streamline patient care, and build a scalable business model all for £750 per month! (a fraction of the cost of no-code compared to traditional development).

Challenge Summary

“White-Label Healthcare Data Collection Company” provided technical consulting to private event medical service providers. Every client told them the same thing: They were struggling with inconsistencies with paper-based patient care records created by field staff at public events like festivals, town fairs etc. and they also noticed that healthcare providers didn’t have the time to create a white label app… The traditional method of manual data entry was slow, tedious, and prone to errors, leading to incomplete and illegible information which is not good if you need accurate medical history and onsite treatment history for insurance purposes.

Using paper meant duplicated efforts by public healthcare providers and increased time for patient transfer and triage. These healthcare providers needed a solution to ensure accurate, complete, and timely data collection – enter white label apps and the forms2 white label app builder!

Solution Summary

“White-Label Healthcare Data Collection Company” saw a business opportunity and used the entire forms2 platform, including white-labeled websites, mobile apps, and platform as a service (PaaS), to create a suite of no-code applications tailored for the event medical services sector that they licensed out. This included HIPAA compliant online forms and GDPR compliant healthcare forms for capturing patient information securely and FASTER than paper.

This included healthcare forms with HIPAA compliance, digital forms for healthcare, and healthcare data collection forms, ensuring all necessary information was collected accurately and efficiently. The no code white label apps would be set up to also cover vehicle checks, mileage receipts, patient transport booking, and shift logging – all the stuff you need for the private healthcare sector.

Results Summary

“White-Label Healthcare Data Collection Company” built a comprehensive client solution based on the Forms2 platform, enabling faster time to market and streamlined updates. Receiving completed forms before appointments streamlined the intake process and improved the patient experience. The results were awesome, as each healthcare provider now had consistent data capture, faster patient transfer between healthcare providers, and could provide a MUCH better patient experience, which was great for festival/event organisers too as patients felt looked after!

The full white-label service cost “White-Label Healthcare Data Collection Company” around £750 per month, excluding user costs, providing a scalable and cost-effective business model they could licence to other healthcare providers who needed the no-code healthcare data capture app.

White Label No-Code Mobile Apps & Digital Forms for Healthcare: Case Study Expanded

White Label No-Code Apps & Digital Forms for Healthcare Case Study - doctor filling out Digital Forms for Healthcare,

The Challenge

“White-Label Healthcare Data Collection Company”, a white label partner for event medical services, wanted to make the switch from paper forms and transition to digital forms. The field staff’s manual handwritten entries were often incomplete or SUPER hard to read, so data had to be checked twice first onsite and then at the back office, and it was increasing patient transfer times, too! This was not only delaying patient care but also created inconsistencies in the data shared with public healthcare providers.

“We knew that all the mobile healthcare providers were struggling with the paper-based patient care records that were created by field staff when they were attending any incidents,” said Pete. “The info was often incomplete, illegible due to terrible handwriting, or it was verbally given and not written down anywhere, resulting in effort being duplicated by the healthcare staff onsite and dragging out the time taken to transfer patients to hospitals where necessary.”

The Solution

“White-Label Healthcare Data Collection Company” turned to Forms2’s platform to solve their data collection and reporting issues. The solution included HIPAA compliant healthcare forms and GDPR compliant healthcare forms to ensure the secure collection of patient information. They used the full power of forms2 and our white-labeled services, including websites, mobile apps, and platform as a service (PaaS), allowing them to create a comprehensive white label healthcare app service for their clients for around £750 per month which is a LOT cheaper than traditional development (by around $120,000 cheaper, actually when comparing no-code vs traditional app development!)

Step #1: Electronic Patient Care Record (EPCR) and Electronic Patient Care Reporting

The ePCR Electronic patient care reporting no-code app they built was a no-code application that ensured all required information was collected promptly and passed to receiving medical teams as a single report. This included required fields for collecting and updating the patient’s medical history, injury reporting, and anything else like cardiac arrest & role forms, adult medication guides forms, and children medication guide digital forms – basically anything they needed to report on.

“The EPCR also provides additional applications for injury reporting, cardiac arrest, medication guides, lookups, etc.,” Pete explained. “It wasn’t just for recording information; it was also for obtaining information in real time, which sped up the diagnosis and made sure the venue and the healthcare providers were insured because everything was then uploaded to the secure cloud.”

Step #2: SkipLogic, Required Fields, and HIPAA Compliant Online Forms

The digital forms incorporated SkipLogic, opening up additional pages for further checks based on key questions that the healthcare provider legally had to ask. The process was standardised, and the reports were accurate and legally compliant. Additionally, the digital forms allowed healthcare organisations to obtain patient signatures electronically via an e-signature form for consent.

“SkipLogic was a key part of it,” Paul noted. “Asking key questions would then open up additional pages, requiring further checks and information to be gathered. It was a very defined process and it was standardised.”

Step #3: Comprehensive Suite of Applications

In addition to the EPCR, “White-Label Healthcare Data Collection Company” developed applications for vehicle checks, mileage receipts, patient transport booking, shift logging, incident report forms, and forms for collecting patient medical history, creating an all-around package for the event medical services sector.

“The forms2 platform allowed “White-Label Healthcare Data Collection Company” to create a whole package, providing consistency to their clients and streamlining various processes,” Paul said.

What Healthcare Forms and Data Collection Forms Were Used

“White-Label Healthcare Data Collection Company” utilized a variety of healthcare forms and data collection forms to streamline their operations and ensure compliance with industry standards. Here is a list of the forms used:

  • Healthcare forms with HIPAA compliance
  • Healthcare Data Collection
  • Secure Medical Forms
  • Digital Forms for Healthcare
  • Centralize Patient Data
  • Patient Pathway eForms
  • EPCR forms
  • Digital ePCR forms
  • Adult medication guides forms
  • Cardiac arrest & role forms
  • Children medication guide digital form
  • EXMFL Integrated Medical Services
  • Fuel & Mileage Receipt
  • Incident Report Form
  • Vehicle Checks
  • Weekly Resuscitation Trolley Check

The Results

“White-Label Healthcare Data Collection Company”’s implementation of the forms2 platform resulted in significant improvements in reporting accuracy, patient care, and operational efficiency.

The solution ensured the secure collection and storage of patient information and the event organisers were covered legally.

Faster Time to Market

“White-Label Healthcare Data Collection Company” achieved a faster time to market with their complete client solution, compared to traditional app or service building methods. The no-code platform allowed for rapid development and deployment of applications and it was $120,000 cheaper than traditional app development.

Streamlined Updates

The forms2 platform enabled “White-Label Healthcare Data Collection Company” to provide faster app updates to their clients, ensuring compliance with health authority mandates. Updates to the master EPCR were automatically pushed to all clients, reducing the need for manual interventions.

Consistent Healthcare Data Capture of Sensitive Patient Data

The digital forms ensured consistent data capture through a guided process with required fields, improving the accuracy and completeness of patient records. The digital forms also ensured the secure collection and storage of sensitive patient data. This facilitated faster patient transfer between healthcare providers, rock-solid data and secure storage of that data.

Improved Patient Experience

The standardised reporting and accurate data collection provided a better patient experience, ensuring a consistent approach to healthcare at events. The use of online forms allowed patients to complete forms from any device, and ensure the healthcare team could get their e-signature. This also really helped enhance the reputation of event organisers by providing high-quality medical services.

Cost-Effective Solution

For around £750 per month, “White-Label Healthcare Data Collection Company” built an entire business model with forms2’s white-label service, excluding user costs. The use of white label apps provided a cost-effective solution for businesses. This scalable solution was significantly more cost-effective compared to developing a similar system from scratch, which could cost hundreds of thousands of pounds when you compare to traditional app development with no-code.

“”White-Label Healthcare Data Collection Company” built an entire business model for £750 per month, providing a complete service to their clients with the forms2 platform,” Paul stated. “This included their own branded apps, website, and service, essentially a business in a box.”

Final Thoughts

By building white label apps on the forms2 no-code platform, “White-Label Healthcare Data Collection Company” basically made a scaleable business model for as little as £750 per month! They also helped healthcare providers enhance data accuracy, improve patient care, and built a scalable, cost-effective business model they could license. The forms2 white label no-code app platform provided a perfect white label app development solution for event medical services and events organisers could breathe easy knowing they were compliant with all laws.  

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