Advanced Field Types

Get creative with your apps and forms by adding advanced fields into your designs.

– Auto-Num: Generate a unique number sequence using your own custom format
– Barcode: Capture barcodes and QR codes via device camera
– QR Code: Generate QR codes from form fields online and offline
– OCR: Convert written or printed information to text using your device’s camera
– Sketch: Capture drawings using your finger or stylus
– Hidden: Store default or calculate values, invisible to the user but immensely powerful
– Action: Add buttons for user interactions – e.g. open a web link, phone dialler, screen or map
– Table: Show a set of fields as editable rows, optionally populated from a Data Source
– Gallery: Display and capture multiple images with a set of accompanying fields
– Attach: Allow users to attach documents and files from device or web locations
– Data: Selects the matching row from a filtered Data Source, invisible to the user
– Process: Splits a form into workflow steps, using Tasks to move the entry between users
– REST : Fire a REST operation in real-time to retrieve data from a web service. Response is returned as text
– NFC: Read and write values on a Near Field Communications tag (Android only).

Check out our Standard Field Types for extra features and functionality.

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