Standard Field Types

Build any type of data capture form or mobile app using our basic field types.

– Page: Group fields together in one screen, with optional repeat capture.
– Section: Read-only display of text sections, field separators and/or reference images.
– Text: Display and capture single and multi-line text data.
– Numeric: Display and capture number values.
– Date/Time: Display and capture dates, times or both.
– Choices: Single or multiple choice selection via drop-down, checklist, buttons or text search.
– Location: Capture and show GPS and map location, plus optional built-in address lookup.
– Media: Display and capture video, audio or photos with the option to annotate.
– Signature: Capture a signature drawn by the user, or generate a QR code for contactless signatures.

These field types are great for building all kinds of forms and apps, but why stop there? Check out our Advanced Field Types for extra features and functionality.

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