Platform as a Service

mobile-Platform-as-a-Service (mPaaS) opens up many opportunities. Whether you’re a direct customer building mobile apps for your teams, or a Solutions or OEM Partner building apps for your customers, our mPaaS gives you flexibility to build solutions for your teams and customers in new ways.

You get a platform to truly call your own. Your own dedicated instance of the forms2 platform where you can build and manage your own solutions and customer accounts.

Build, manage and maintain your own industry specific mobile software solutions on the forms2 platform. Manage individual client accounts in our custom designed dashboard, giving you the power and flexibility to know each end every one of your clients while maintaining privacy and security. Publish bespoke mobile apps to individual client accounts and manage the process and data from end to end.

Extend your brand awareness by adding a White Label native mobile app for Android, iOS or Windows, giving your clients your apps, not ours.

With our Website-as-a-Service bolt-on you can even brand the entire platform as your own including the URL, SSL certificate and the name of the platform. With no mention of forms2 anywhere, you can have your own no-code app development platform.

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