SSO Single Sign On

Single Sign On (SSO) (part of Enterprise Tool kit Bolt-On)
Gives you additional functionality to integrate SSO with your directory service/identity provider of choice, MS Azure Active Directory, Okta, Ping Identity. (SSO using REST can also be achieved with our standard SSO REST connector that is available to all accounts without the need for Enterprise Tool Kit).

As companies embrace more cloud services, the need to maintain user accounts and structure in more places only increases. With the addition of SSO this reduces admin overhead and simplifies security by eliminating the need to maintain another set of users and permissions.

Azure Active Directory is able to perform the following actions automatically against our platform:
– Add new users
– Update selected details on users
– Deactivate users
– Authenticate users when they log in via our web portal or apps

The following provisioning features are supported:
– Users created through Azure Active Directory will also be created in our platform
– Updates made to the user’s profile through Azure Active Directory will be pushed to us
– Deactivating the user or disabling the user’s access to the application through Azure Active Directory will deactivate the user on our platform
– Users can be imported from our platform into Azure Active Directory

This means you can continue to provision users on your network as you normally would, without the need to maintain a duplicate user structure (and additional passwords) on our platform as well.

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