Test Mode

Often you will want to make changes to an existing published screen. Our platform lets you do this by creating and publishing new versions of your Screens, allowing you to rapidly iterate your Screen designs based on user feedback.

The published version of a Screen is considered to be the current stable, production copy for all users, and the platform automatically pushes this version to your app users.

This great Publishing functionality has some risks though if you want to make many changes and test out the changes as you go.

If you were to publish a new Form design every time you want to test out some Screen changes, you’d risk disrupting live users with a broken or incomplete Screen design. At best that could lead to unhappy users, at worst it could mean business disruption and loss of revenue.

Enter Test Mode!

Test mode allows you to test and tweak your Screen changes during the design process.

Instead of continuously publishing new versions to see the changes on your device, you simply save changes in the relevant Screen design while in Test mode, and then sync these changes to your device. Make more changes and test again without having to publish a new version of the screen every time.

It’s a simple and easy way to iterate on your design, figuring out formulae and other functionality you desire.

All you need to do is to hit the TEST button in the designer, then choose named users who will participate in the test.

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