What is Dropbox Business?

Dropbox for Business gives you secure access to all of your files and Team Drives. Collaborate colleagues and external parties from any device.

How we work together:

Using our Dropbox Business Data Source connector you can import rows from an Excel spreadsheet or CSV file. Choose from files in a personal or team folder and import at set intervals to keep your data sources up to data with new rows.

Using our Dropbox Business Form connector you can store new forms2 data entries as documents directly into personal or team drives. Customise the filename and folder location dynamically using captured field data.

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Data Source Use Cases

  • Import a Site Scope Register containing site details, scope of works, work type and associated images. Using a Data Entry screen with Table and Choices fields, search for a site name and automatically populate a Table field with the scope of works and associated images.
  • Update a Table row with new images and scope of work details. Automatically update the Data Source with the new data entry once it is completed and submitted.

Data Delivery Use Cases

  • Save a Word document for each completed scope of works data entry. Format the document using a Word template to match your company requirements.
  • Store a Text file for every new scope of works data entry. Format the text file with an XML template for importing into a job management platform.
  • Use our Dropbox Business Form Connector to store data in CSV, excel, JSON, PDF, Text File, Word, XML file formats.

Latest updates

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