What is Microsoft OneDrive Personal?

Easily store, access, and discover your individual and shared files in Microsoft 365 from all your devices.

How we work together:

Our Microsoft OneDrive Personal Data Source connector can bring data into a forms2 Data Source from files stored in your OneDrive Personal account. Bring in rows from a CSV file or Excel sheet on a timed basis to keep you data fresh with the latest updates.

Our Microsoft OneDrive Personal form connector can create sweet looking documents and reports automatically from data entries, dropped into a customised file path with a customised file name.

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Data Source Use Cases

  • Import a list containing medication names, symptoms they commonly treat, and a URL for further information and contraindications. Using a Listing Screen connected to the Data Source, search for a symptom to display a list of matching medications for treatment. Tap the medication name to display the associated web page directly in-app without jumping over to a browser.
  • Using a Data Entry screen and a Choices field, search for and select a medication name to automatically populate subsequent fields with symptoms the medication is commonly used to treat.

Data Delivery Use Cases

  • Save a PDF using a default template for each new entry of a Medication/Symptom lookup form. Customise the filename to include the date and time of the entry along with the name of medication searched for.
  • Ensure that any Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is anonymized in the saved file by automatically converting it to a non-human readable format, while retaining all other captured data.
  • Use our OneDrive Personal Form Connector to store data in CSV, excel, JSON, PDF, TXT, Word, XML file formats.

Latest updates

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