Role-based Access Control

With forms2 mobile forms and apps you benefit from Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) that gives you the ability to set user groups and access roles specific to a person’s job role or security clearance.

Create user groups and access roles for field teams, back-office teams, department analysts, developers and admins and control what they can and can’t do with your mobile forms and apps, and across the entire platform.

  • Folders – You can organise your apps, screens, and forms into easy to use Folders.
  • Groups – Use Groups to organise your field teams into logical groups that can access folders and specific data.

Platform access – Give platform access to the back-office and analysts so they can dispatch tasks, access reports, and view the data they need to view in the forms2 platform.

Access Levels – Set access levels for read-only, read/write, and administrative users and give them access only to the areas they need like data entries, data sources, or the app builder, for example.

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