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Why Digital Forms for Fleet Management Are Better Vs Paper Forms

Written by Lee Glynn
January 11, 2024
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This is why fleet managers like you should be using digital forms and a no code app as their fleet management system – Explaining the benefits of digital forms for fleet management

If you’re involved in the transportation and logistics sector, specifically fleet management, maintaining an edge over competitors relies heavily on efficiency, accuracy, and adaptability.

In the digital age, leveraging technology to streamline operations has become essential, and one of the game-changing tools that has surged in popularity is the use of digital forms for fleet management. We’d go so far to say that our no code platform is one of the best fleet management tools out there. Here’s why:

What are digital forms in the context of a fleet management system?

Digital forms are electronic versions of traditional paper forms. They can be filled out on a computer, tablet, or smartphone and can include a wide range of fields, including text boxes, checkboxes, and dropdown menus. Digital forms can be used to collect various types of data, from basic contact information to detailed fleet inspection reports. Where your existing fleet management systems may include people physically filling out sheets of paper, you can use our no code platform to create your own fleet management platform complete with fleet tracking forms, vehicle maintenance checks and more.

Why Use Digital Forms for Transportation & Logistics? The benefits of digital forms for fleet management explained.

The use of digital forms in the transportation and logistics industry provides a myriad of benefits. Here are some of the key reasons why businesses are making the switch from paper forms to digital forms, especially digital fleet management forms:

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1. Improved Fleet Efficiency

One of the biggest advantages of digital fleet management forms is their ability to streamline operations which is a dream come true for those who manage large fleets and multiple vehicles. You already know that traditional paper forms take a long time to fill out, file, and analyse – that’s IF they get filled out at all! Digital forms, on the other hand, can be filled out quickly, stored easily, and analysed automatically through your tech stack by your analytics or management team.

2. Accessibility and Real-time Tracking

Digital fleet management and transportation management forms are easier to access on the go. They allow fleet managers like you to access data from any device, anywhere, anytime. You can even hook up any of your existing GPS tracking software to your digital forms and use real-time GPS vehicle tracking, to see where any of your vehicles are at any given moment. Thsi is possibly one the most widely requested and widely realised benefits of digital forms for fleet management – you know wher eyour cars and trucks are!

For example, if you run a delivery company, you can log on to your fleet management app and instantly get the last submitted location of any of your trucks. You can even configure your app to request location at time intervals. This not only ensures deliveries are made on time because you can alert drivers if they’re behind schedule, but you can help them by optimising routes based on real-time traffic data, sending them alerts that they can read when it’s safe to do so. As always – don’t use your phone when driving!

3. Data Accuracy and Confirmation

If you’re using your fleet management forms for data capture, you can actually make sure the data you capture is accurate! Paper forms don’t get filled out, they get lost and they can sometimes be unreadable – digital fleet management forms can be set up so you can capture data out in the field, including things like e-signatures and sections of your form with required fields like image capture and GPS tagging.

For example, after a delivery, drivers can instantly confirm the successful handover of a package, complete with a timestamp, GPS location and the recipient’s e-signature. This ensures you’re covered if the customer says the package was never delivered – these cost savings are one of the major benefits of digital forms for fleet management.

You can also use data capture forms as part of your digital fleet management apps and forms to specify which truck, tractor or vehicle you took out, accurately logging how much fuel you’ve used and whether or not the vehicle needs to be cleaned, filled up or assessed before someone else uses it!
In agriculture, tractors and other machinery can have their fuel logs digitally tracked, saving time and ensuring accurate analysis of fuel costs.

4. Integration to tech stacks and Automation

You’ll forget about MOT, you’ll forget about service schedules and you’ll forget which truck was taken out and when. Digital fleet management forms make sure you don’t have to think about it. Digital forms made with the forms2 platform can connect to your tech stack as well as any other fleet management systems you’re using, automating processes like service and repair schedules so you don’t have to think about it. Fleet maintenance is streamlined and flet operations are less likely to slow down.

For example, if you’re working out on a mine site or construction site, you can schedule your digital fleet management form so an excavator’s inspection data can automatically update its service schedule after each service, ensuring timely maintenance and reducing the chance of it breaking down on a job.

5. Backup, Storage, and Security

If you’re using customer data, or you need access to your fleet data and fleet operations, going through a filing cabinet is A. not secure (or legal) and B. laborious…with a no-code fleet management app and digital forms handling the heavy lifting of fleet operations, your data is automatically backed up in the cloud, ensuring easy retrieval when you need it. And it’s secure.

For example, if you run a rental car company, you can securely store vehicle inspection data, customer data and any other data you collect ensuring compliance and easy access for audits and insurance purposes. This is why we think forms2 is easily the best fleet management software – everything is trackable, from fleet maintenance to fuel costs.

6. Cost Efficiency and Resource Management

Digital forms are simply the best fleet management tool when it comes to saving money. The most important benefits of digital forms for fleet management is that they save you money. They help you save on printing, storage, and administrative costs. And we’re all about sustainable practices here at forms2. Digital forms also reduce paper waste in businesses. So much so that our customer TD Construction Testing saved over £30,000 per year using digital forms for their fleet management and data capture. You can read the digital forms case study here!

7. Customization and Scalability

Another key benefit of digital fleet management forms is the sheer fact that they’re flexible, allowing for customisation based on specific fleet management needs AND they can easily scale as your fleet grows. Got a new truck? A new employee? A new process you need to roll out? Do new inspections need imagery and GPS tracking? You can add it when you want to with the forms2 platform.

For example, you may run a construction company which uses forklifts as well as cement trucks or you work in agriculture using tractors as well as spreaders. Well, you’ll need specific inspection forms for each vehicle and vehicle type as well as vehicle tracking of last known location. With digital forms, you can use one app to rule them all ensuring that all critical components are regularly checked with their specific forms accessed through your fleet management app.

8. Enhanced Safety and Compliance

Regular inspections help identify potential issues on your vehicles early before accidents or breakdowns happen. One of the major benefits of digital forms for fleet management is that by scheduling automated inspections at random or set intervals, you’re not only ensuring the safety of the fleet but also compliance with regulations for insurance purposes.

For example, if you run a trucking company with multiple vehicles, you can use your fleet management forms to ensure that all vehicles meet safety regulations at all times, reducing the risk of accidents, and keeping your employees and drivers safe while avoiding any potential legal liabilities.

Plus, regular inspections can speed up maintenance times if they do need servicing because you have a full inspection history and therefore extend the life of fleet vehicles. So that’s another win!
Wear and tear is monitored so you can replace things ahead of time!

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9. Efficient Communication with Drivers

You can set up your digital fleet management forms to automate communications to drivers and operators, so they send alerts to drivers about vehicle issues or other critical updates that they might need to know about.
For example, a delivery driver can be instantly notified of a change in delivery route, a new priority, an accident on the route or a potential issue with the truck that someone forgot to tell them about, optimising the delivery process and keeping them safe too!

10. Improved Driver Accountability

Mobile data collection via fleet management apps and digital forms can also help to improve driver accountability. By tracking last known driver position through a submitted digital form, businesses can help to improve driver performance and safety, as well as reduce the risk of costly accidents or violations.

11. User-Friendly and Intuitive Interface

You might be thinking “Is setting up a digital fleet management form difficult?”. It’s not when you choose forms2! We’ve designed the forms2 platform to be super easy to use ensuring that anyone can conduct vehicle checks without extensive training. You can even switch from paper forms to digital forms by uploading almost exact replicas of your paper forms to the app! It’s SUPER easy! One of the best benefits of digital forms for fleet management, when you use our platform, is that they’re easy to set up and use. You can see how easy it is to create a digital form with forms2 here!

12. Budget-Friendly Solution

If you’re looking for the cheapest mobile form and business app provider, we’re happy to say that not only do digital forms built on the forms2 platform offer a cost-effective solution starting at $18 per user per month, but that we help you eliminate paper costs and reduce paper waste in business and reduce administrative overheads. TD Construction Testing actually saved the cost of a full-time employee each year by using the forms2 platform!

Digital Fleet inspection forms and apps vs. paper versions – benefits of digital forms for fleet management

I could list out all the reasons you should switch to digital forms from paper forms, but I could just show you the benefits of digital forms for fleet management with this handy table!

BenefitDigital Fleet Inspection Forms & AppsPaper Versions
AccessibilityAccessible from any device, anywhere, anytime with real-time updates.Limited to a physical location; can be misplaced or lost.
Data AccuracyFeatures like e-signatures, location data and required fields enhance accuracy. Eliminates manual errors.Prone to manual errors; relies on memory and handwriting clarity.
IntegrationSeamlessly integrates with any other fleet management systems and tech stacks, automating processes like service schedules.Requires manual data entry into other systems.
Backup & StorageData is securely backed up in the cloud, ensuring easy retrieval and no data loss.Risk of damage, loss, or unauthorised access; physical storage needed.
Cost EfficiencySaves on printing, storage, and administrative costs. Streamlines data entry.Incurs printing and storage costs; more admin work.
CustomisationFlexible and scalable, allowing for customisation based on specific fleet needs.Rigid format; limited customisation.
Safety & ComplianceEnsures safety and compliance with regular inspection reminders. Identifies potential issues early.Manual checks can miss critical issues; and risk of non-compliance.
Maintenance & LongevityAlerts users to maintenance schedules which helps extend vehicle life. Can be used to monitor wear and tear and analysed for trends.Delayed maintenance due to manual tracking; potential for reduced vehicle lifespan.
CommunicationAutomates communications, sending alerts to drivers about vehicle issues, and updates. Sends alerts when a product is delivered or a vehicle is returned.Relies on manual communication; potential for missed or delayed messages.
User ExperienceUser-friendly and intuitive interface. Easy for anyone to use.Easy to add additional features when needed.Can be cumbersome (if you have to carry around files and paper) and time-consuming. Can be hard to read if Steve’s handwriting is terrible.
CostBudget-friendly solution, eliminating paper costs and reducing administrative overheads.Continuous costs for paper, printing, and storage.
Support & SetupWe can get you set up in a matter of hours – not weeks.Longer setup times; limited support for paper-based systems – it’s just down to you!

Should I change to digital fleet management apps?

In case you can’t tell, incorporating digital fleet management forms, like those offered by forms2, can absolutely skyrocket the way businesses operate. Whether you’re running a small delivery fleet a large transport operation with multiple vehicles, or multiple vineyards with a load of different types of machinery and vehicles, businesses like yours can benefit from the automated maintenance schedules, cost savings from reduction in paper usage, and enhanced data accuracy and accountability. There’s so many benefits of digital forms for fleet management, that we’d be here all day trying to write them out.

BUT…with features like real-time updates, cloud storage, and customisable forms that can look just like your paper ones, but with required fields that ACTUALLY get filled out, businesses like yours can ensure that their fleet operates at peak efficiency. This is one of the major benefits of digital forms for fleet management. If your existing fleet management system is clunky, outdated or hard to scale and update, then we’d love to help you.

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Don’t just take our word for it, check out our mobile form and business app case studies too and see how other businesses are reaping the benefits of digital forms for fleet management!

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