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No-Code Data Capture Apps Case Study: Lift Installation Company

Written by Lee Glynn
May 24, 2024
No-Code Data Capture Apps Case Study: Lift Installation Company


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Learn how Uplifting Lifts* reduced errors by 90%, saved over £40,000 a year using forms2 digital forms and no-code data capture apps.

In our latest digital forms and no-code apps case study, we spoke with one of our customers, a leader in residential lift installations, about how they transformed their business operations with the help of digital forms and no-code data capture apps. This transformation not only streamlined their processes, reduced errors by at least 90%, significantly enhanced their customer service and saved them nearly £80,000 per year in development costs.

Note: our customer preferred not to be named so we’re using the fictional company name of “Uplifting Lifts Ltd”

Digital Forms & No-Code Data Capture Apps Case Study Results Summary

The Challenge

Uplifting Lifts, one of the UK’s premier manufacturers and installers of custom residential lifts, faced inefficiencies due to a paper-based workflow – something which all businesses suffer with. They had multiple disconnected systems for sales, design, ordering, building, installation, and billing which led to data capture errors, missed billing opportunities, and frustrated customers.

The Solution

Uplifting Lifts implemented the forms2 no-code data capture app platform, to create a single, integrated solution for their entire customer lifecycle.

This included:

  • Data capture apps for every stage of the process: Uplifting Lifts built mobile apps for field sales, design, ordering, build, and installation teams. Each app utilised the forms2 tasks engine with required fields on electronic job sheets to ensure accurate data capture.
  • NetSuite Integration with digital forms: forms2’s integration capabilities connected seamlessly with Uplifting Lifts’ existing Oracle NetSuite ERP system, but with an additional shared project with new connectors enabling real-time data flow across all departments.

The Results

Uplifting Lifts experienced significant improvements such as a reduction in data capture errors by 90% throughout the build, installation and billing phases. Improved communication and faster project completion led to happier customers while streamlined workflow reduced the time needed for project sign-off and work orders.

In addition, Uplifting Lifts had a 360 holistic view of cost analysis as access to real-time data in the cloud allowed Uplifting Lifts to identify bottlenecks and optimise their process.

They also minimised errors which was great as it lowered the cost of materials and rework. And as an added benefit, their paper-based processes were eliminated, reducing administrative overhead and increasing reliability of data.

Investment vs. ROI on Digital Forms & No-Code Data Capture Apps

Uplifting Lifts’ annual investment in Forms2 totalled around £30,000-40,000, a fraction of the estimated £120,000+ cost of traditional custom development and maintenance of a traditional app when compared to no-code app development. The streamlined workflow delivered a significant return on investment through faster job completion, reduced errors, and improved resource allocation.

Digital Forms and No Code Data Capture Apps Case Study Results Expanded

The Challenge:

Uplifting Lifts is one of the UK’s most trusted manufacturers and installers of residential lifts, so when they came to us to help them address significant inefficiencies in their operations by leveraging digital forms and no-code data capture apps on the forms2 platform, our platform specialist were on hand to help.

As Uplifting Lifts specialises in providing cost-effective, custom-installed lift solutions for individuals struggling with stairs in their homes, they wanted to use a data capture app that they could rely on, without having to pay for costly development costs (we know no-code apps are cheaper than traditional app development!).

The company’s primary goal was to connect its whole process of data capture with an effective no-code data capture app so they could get a holistic 360 view of operations, improve customer satisfaction, and eliminate the costly errors associated with its paper-based processes.

If you’re reading this, it’s going to resonate with you – Uplifting Lifts faced loads of challenges due to their reliance on multiple disconnected systems – mainly paper-based. Their field sales teams, surveyors, builders, and installation crews all used different methods (mainly paper or emails) to capture and share data, leading to frequent miscommunications and errors.

Customers often received incorrect installations, and billing errors resulted in significant financial losses for the company. This was affecting the company’s bottom line and harming its reputation.

“We had too many different systems for managing different aspects. Customers didn’t always get what they originally ordered, installation teams didn’t necessarily have the right information, and a lot of billing was being missed as well.”

The paper-based system was seriously unreliable, making it difficult for the company to maintain an accurate audit trail. This inefficiency led to delays in providing quotes, designing custom installations, and completing projects – one of the reasons and benefits of companies switching to digital forms It was blatantly obvious that they needed a cohesive system that they could integrate at every stage as the company struggled to keep up with the growing demand for its products.

Uplifting Lifts asked us at forms2 to help speed up their digital transformation. They wanted no-code data capture apps and digital forms that could streamline their operations from initial customer contact through to final billing. The goal was to implement a system that would provide accurate data capture, improve communication across teams, and ensure that all customer interactions were tracked and managed effectively. They wanted to know what was happening at all times – which makes perfect sense!

The Solution:

The platform specialists at forms2 implemented a comprehensive digital transformation solution that integrated their entire workflow using no-code data capture apps and digital forms. We worked with the team at Uplifting Lifts by providing a way for them to build mobile forms and no-code apps that would streamline the company’s processes from customer specification to final billing, ensuring accuracy, accountability, and efficiency at every stage.

The forms2 platform provided Uplifting Lifts with a no-code platform that allowed them to create custom digital forms and mobile apps tailored to their specific needs while integrating with Oracle NetSuite, a full ERP system that managed everything from billing and parts ordering to customer relationship management (CRM). This integration was critical in creating a seamless flow of information across all departments.

“Our project was to create a full end-to-end solution that would manage or track everything from customer specification, design, ordering, build, installation, and billing,” explained a representative from Uplifting Lifts. “forms2 helped us achieve this by building the integration between NetSuite and their platform, allowing us to connect our mobile screens and apps to every phase of the customer lifecycle.”

The forms2 no-code app building platform involved developing data capture apps with required fields on job sheets – an ESSENTIAL part of the process, as this made sure that correct information was gathered at each step of the process whether it was quotes, parts ordering, job scheduling or billing. This eliminated the errors associated with paper forms and provided accurate quotes and instructions to the team. The use of mobile job cards or job sheets with required fields (no more partly filled our forms!) allowed field sales teams to capture customer information on-site and seamlessly pass this data to the design, ordering, build, and installation teams through a task management system.

“We used the no-code data capture app to build a mobile job card system,” the representative continued. “We made heavy use of forms2’s tasks engine with required fields. Field sales teams would start the job card by capturing customer information, then send it as a task to the design team. Each stage of the job was tracked and managed through the system, ensuring full accountability and audit trails.”

The forms2 team also embarked on a shared project which allowed Uplifting Lifts to build new connectors for data sources and forms, integrating these with NetSuite’s complex API. This shared project approach provided Uplifting Lifts with a cost-effective solution without the prohibitive expense of NetSuite consultants.

“The NetSuite API was particularly complex, and although we had in-house IT skills, the cost of NetSuite’s consultants was prohibitive,” the representative noted. “forms2 offered a shared project where they would build the integration at a fixed cost. This allowed us to integrate our mobile apps and digital forms for every phase of the customer lifecycle, from initial data capture to final billing.”

By providing full visibility into the status of each job, the forms2 no-coce data capture app platform made sure Uplifting Lifts could relay accurate information to customers and internally analyse the true cost of jobs. This transparency allowed the company to identify bottlenecks, optimise their processes, and improve overall efficiency.

The Results:

Straight away the savings rolled in.

By integrating Forms2 with Oracle NetSuite, and using no-code apps and mobile forms Uplifting Lifts reduced errors in the build and installation phases by 90%, saving the company thousands of pounds annually. The reduction in errors not only saved costs associated with fixing mistakes but also improved customer satisfaction straight away.

“We’ve seen a 90% reduction in errors during the build and installation phases. We’re also making sure that we bill correctly and can do inventory management too”

The use of digital forms eliminated the need for paper-based data capture, significantly reducing administrative overhead. Uplifting Lifts saved approximately £30,000 to £40,000 annually by cutting down on paper storage, shredding costs, and the labour required to manage physical documents.

Investment vs. ROI on Digital Forms & No-Code Data Capture Apps

Uplifting Lifts’ annual investment in forms2 totalled around £30,000-£40,000, a fraction of the estimated £120,000+ cost of traditional custom development and maintenance of a traditional, custom app. The streamlined workflow delivered a significant return on investment through faster job completion, reduced errors, and improved resource allocation.

“Compared to what we were quoted for traditional development costs of an app, we’ve saved over £80,000 annually using a no-code platform. Plus we don’t have to pay for updates or the roll out of new security features – forms2 does it all for us. We’re now seeing installations being completed faster and billing being way more accurate.,”

Forms2’s platform also provided a full audit trail and ensured compliance, further enhancing the operational efficiency of Uplifting Lifts. The integration of digital forms and no-code apps to their tech stack allowed for accurate tracking of each job’s progress, from initial data capture to final billing, reducing bottlenecks and making sure projects were complete when they said they’d be..

“With forms2, we have full accountability at every stage of the process. Everyone is on the same page. We’re better serving customers and analysing every stage of our processes,”

It’s safe to say that using forms2’s no-code apps and digital forms transformed Uplifting Lifts’ operations, as no-code was MUCH cheaper than using a custom built app! But best of all, they were now providing a much better experience for their customers. The no-code app platform’s flexibility, ease of use, and comprehensive features provided the company with the tools needed to thrive in a competitive market. We think that’s pretty uplifting!

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