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Case Study: Opening a Quantum World with Google Workspace Rollout

Written by Lee Glynn
April 30, 2022


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How Cambridge scientists are unlocking the doors to the Quantum world supported by Google Workspace and forms2 mobile business apps

Have you seen the Marvel Ant-Man movies? You know that Quantum realm that Ant-man is always talking about? Well, Dr Matthew Applegate and his colleagues over at Cambridge University have just about found the entrance to the Quantum realm.

We’re kidding. But not really.

Nu Quantum is on a mission to develop technology that underpins the next phase of Quantum technology. We’re talking next-level computing, the most accurate clocks in the world and a more secure internet for everyone.

And they’re using Google Workspace in collaboration with forms2 – the mobile business app platform builder to help them get there. 

As you can imagine; Dr Applegate and his team don’t have time to think about a digital workspace that doesn’t connect their teams or provide them with the information they need to open the doors to the Quantum world. 

They needed a digital workspace and workflow that helped them. Not hindered them. 

With so many projects on the go and people working in remote locations, there was only one solution – that was a cloud-based solution.”

Google Workspace Rollout Case Study

Read how Dr Applegate and his team at Nu Quantum in Cambridge were able to free up the dreaded email inbox, solve disjointed communication, reduce down-time during remote working during a pandemic and use Google Workspace. All with the help of the forms2 Google Workspace rollout service to achieve what they want to do; change the world. 

Read how they went from this:

“It was very obvious from the very beginning that [our current system] was just making life very, very difficult to work together.”

To this:

Google Workspace enabled our workforce, and particularly during the pandemic and the many lockdowns we’ve now had, to continue to work together. To collaborate, talk and share ideas and review each other’s ideas. Without it, I don’t know how we would have managed. To be honest with you, it would have been a terrible state to be in.

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We also highly recommend watching this 3-minute video interview at the BBC where Dr Matthew Applegate and his colleague Dr Carmen Palacios-Berraquero explain how we’re all about to experience the quantum world very soon. They’ve developed devices that can emit one particle of light at a time. That’s mind-blowing!

Read how Nu Quantum created long-lasting change by connecting their team to Google Workspace and how you too can benefit from this user-friendly platform. 

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You may not be trying to access the quantum realm – but we’re damn sure Google Workspace is going to help you improve your workflow no matter what industry you’re in.

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