Version Control

Continuous improvement is something we all strive for. forms2 helps you continuously improve and refine your processes with new features or functionality. Feedback from your teams is also a crucial part of the design and iteration process, if a form or app doesn’t work well for your teams, they wont be happy using it.

Test Mode helps you build and test new features and functionality before rolling it out to your field teams.

But, what if you add a new feature or make a change that doesn’t quite work the way it was intended, or worse still, breaks or removes a different feature that was working well?

That’s where Version History comes into it’s own. If a situation arises where too many changes have been made to a form in test mode, and you need the form to look and behave the way it did before all the changes. Or you simply want to rollback to a previous version. Simply select a previously saved version and republish it.

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