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Mobile Forms & Apps for the Construction Industry

Written by Lee Glynn
December 31, 2021
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Build Your Own Mobile forms & Apps for Construction & Building Services In Days… Not Months.

With forms2, you can manage data between construction teams, contractors, office & suppliers faster than ever before.

With forms2 you can go from beginner to low-code/no-code expert in days. It’s that simple.

Keep your construction teams operating at peak efficiency by giving them access to key information and resources on demand. Streamline data collection and sharing through innovative business apps and mobile forms for the construction and building sector.

Build your own apps that solve problems.

Improve productivity & efficiency.

Safety inspections, asset checks, incident reporting, work orders, and time tracking – just a small number of examples of the construction industry-specific mobile forms you can create with the forms2 platform.

Connect your site teams to the data they need, wherever they are in the world. Integrate the forms2 mobile business app platform with project management, accounts, payroll software.

Get the full 360-degree view of all your projects for streamlined productivity and make informed business decisions.

Try 140+ Pre Built Forms

Streamline Monitoring & Management Processes

  • Track & allocate materials from supplier, to site, to storage.
  • Time & mileage records can easily be integrated with payroll & project management software.
  • Monitor equipment location, asset tracking and scheduled maintenance.
  • Automate purchase orders & supply chain management, direct into your accounts software.
  • Define approval processes for every workflow.
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Faster Inspections & Accurate Reports.

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  • Build in exception reporting and automate issue escalation.
  • Capture signatures, date & time stamps, GPS locations.
  • Route information & reports to the right people automatically.
  • Automate remediation procedures based on specific outcomes.
  • Define approval processes for every workflow.

Keep your projects within budget and on schedule with a powerful mobile form and business app designed to streamline your business processes.

forms2 gives you the flexibility to create highly customised, logic-driven workflows tailored to the construction and building industry. Pre-populate mobile forms with job-specific details and assign tasks to locations or team members across the globe. Connect your work sites, teams, assets and materials to your central office. Right tools, right data, right time.

It’s time to streamline your business processes.

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