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What Mobile Business Apps Can I Build With forms2?

Written by Lee Glynn
October 17, 2022
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So what types of mobile business apps can you build with the forms2 platform? I’m glad you asked…

When you build mobile business apps with the forms2 platform, you not only step into a world of streamlined workflows and better productivity but instantly take complete control of your business processes and decisions armed with the data you really need.

But how? What kind of mobile business app do I need to build to achieve this streamlined workflow?

Well, I’m glad you’re here. We’re going to look at 5 different types of business apps you can build using forms2 and why you’re going to love using forms2 to bring your business processes into the digital age.

Why Would I Want To Build A Mobile Business App In The First Place?

We’ve looked at the benefits of building your own mobile business app and some industries seeing immense growth thanks to using a drag-and-drop business app builder in previous articles, but in a nutshell, there are 5 key reasons you should consider building one:

  1. Increase data capture accuracy
  2. Cloud storage for data recall
  3. Worldwide collaboration with staff
  4. Drastic reduction in paper costs and storage
  5. Minimal/zero coding experience required

Thanks to robust drag-and-drop editors designed to make your life easier and a no-code/low-code platform that is easy to learn, you can go from beginner to no-code/low-code expert in days, not years. You’ll also enjoy a complete, holistic view of your data sources with an app that works offline, syncing as soon as you reach a wi-fi or cellular data signal.

You can build without the massive development costs. In your own time and scale when you need to, not when your developer has time.

What Apps Can I Build With forms2?

You can use the forms2 platform and APIs to create checklist forms, health and safety reports with image and geo-location capture, quote generators and more. There’s actually no limit on the type of mobile business app or mobile form app that you can build!

But today we’re going to look at the following 5 examples of mobile business apps the platform is capable of facilitating:

  1. Construction Site Safety Apps
  2. Mobile Business Apps For The Telecoms Industry
  3. Mobile Business Apps For Infrastructure
  4. Facility Management Apps
  5. White Label Apps

1. Construction Site Safety Apps

With the forms2 platform, you can build construction and industry site safety mobile business apps that streamline compliance, manage risk and digitize processes like signature capture. This all ensures the right person is informed of job approval and sign-off, the correct workers are briefed and all teams are following standard safety procedures at all times.

With the forms2 platform, you can create mobile forms for your supervisors to fill out onsite in seconds. You can ensure compliance with Risk Assessment Method Statement (RAMS), adhere to Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmospheres Regulations 2002 (DSEAR) and capture data for pre/post installation inspection/audits in-app, creating a robust safety system with a phone or tablet in a matter of minutes. No more going back to the office to fill out forms – your teams, managers and supervisors can do it then and there!

We’ve actually detailed how you can use forms2 to write construction toolbox talks faster.

Here’s an example:

Let’s say you have a worker welding a pipeline and is around potentially hazardous gas like carbon dioxide, argon, helium or fuel gasses, we’ll call her Terry. You can provide Terry, the welder/pipefitter with a mobile app that must be filled out to confirm she is wearing the standard PPE with image capture functionality before starting work, thus ensuring safety compliance on site. You can then build in a REST API connector integrated with your existing systems to send the confirmation back to the foreman or supervisor’s CRM system. If you need confirmation of safety every 2-3 minutes, you can set up a push notification that Terry must respond to otherwise a safety officer is dispatched to her location to check on her.

This is just a small example of what can be achieved and built with the forms2 platform. You’ve reduced the number of workers needed to supervise Terry as they no longer need to be present to check PPE or call out for a response every two minutes.

The benefit:

You’ve ensured safety compliance, gained proof of PPE and automated a Lone Worker Protection (LWP) control system thus freeing up other employees to do their job so Terry can do hers. Best of all, you’ve achieved this with a mobile phone or tablet that Terry already knows how to use.

Automation has saved lives and reduced the number of workers needed on site.

2. Mobile Business Apps For The Telecoms/Telco Industry

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forms2 Specialise In Low-Code/No-code Mobile Business Apps For The Telecoms/Telco Industry

There are many moving parts to the industrial telecoms installation process. Fortunately, a mobile business app built on the forms2 platform can bring those moving parts together to create a cohesive, streamlined workflow that sends the right information to the right teams and enables you to connect with local authorities to make approval processes quicker.

Here’s an example:

A mobile business app built with the forms2 platform pulls together your entire infrastructure, making the process so much easier for your employees in the field.

You can enjoy complete Telecoms workflows, capturing everything from the planning to final sign-off in-app.

Let’s say you’re installing new 5G microcells in a suburban street. You can build and use your telecoms business app to schedule your surveyors or contractors to visit on a specific date. They then arrive at your site and confirm in-app with geo-location check-ins to ensure they’re in the correct location.

The surveyors can then assess the location and use image and video capture to send information to contractors so they know what tools or machinery to arrive with.

Once this information has been gathered, you can then specify a mobile form to be filled out and sent out to the local authority for approval. You can even go a step further by using our connectors to set up REST API connections to your local authority’s approval system – connecting with an approval form or document, for example. The contractors or surveyors can post data directly to the local authority system in the forms2 app and fill out any documents necessary on the spot without having a separate login to the local authority site. Upon approval from the local authority, their API can send the information back to your app and generate a task upon approval.

Supervisors can set up checklists or forms for each of those stages with connectors running automation to create tasks based on conditional logic or skip logic.

What’s the benefit?:

The flow of work is uninterrupted, there are fewer emails between teams, the approval process is streamlined thanks to connectors in-app and more processes are automated including user confirmation sign-off at each stage.

Everything from the contractor confirming the site, to identifying the street cabinet to gaining approval from the local council can be achieved in-app with every step recorded and saved in your existing data storage systems for recall at any time.

With just a few clicks on the forms2 telecoms app, you’ve identified the site, surveyed the job and gained approval from local authorities.

ISO 27002 maturity mapping sheet

Here at forms2, we are a trusted telecoms business app provider, en route to ISO 27002 certification.

For your peace of mind, we have mapped the maturity of the business to ISO 27002 specifications and exceeded the baseline requirements of this certification in telecoms. You’re in good hands.

3. Mobile Business Apps For Infrastructure

Mobile business apps revolutionise project management for infrastructure. The forms2 platform can be used as project management software for infrastructures such as highways, streets and road maintenance, hazardous waste removal companies, power generation, oil & gas industries and even holiday park management. The list is endless. Again, if you have multiple moving parts to your business, you can connect each team member or sector of your business in-app.

Here’s an example:

A number of the forms2 platform users choose us thanks to the complete infrastructure overview that the platform can offer via our drag-and-drop low-code/no-code app builder. The forms2 drag-and-drop app builder can help you completely streamline processes and gather any piece of information from multiple data sources for use in any way you deem necessary via connectors.

The European Camping Group for example chose the forms2 platform as it enabled them to formalise the data capture process across 300 sites spanning the whole of Europe. They were able to streamline customer intake, automate maintenance schedules and safety checks, roll out formalised staff processes and even gather a full picture of their bedding and linen stock supply with a stocktake app.

They saved nearly £300,000 a year using the forms2 platform thanks to reduced paper costs. They reduced admin time and saved over £90,000 in lost linen thanks to a robust stocktake system built with forms2.

You can read all about it in our mobile forms and business apps case studies.

The benefit:

With a mobile business app designed for infrastructure, you can automate safety checks, ensure compliance and increase customer satisfaction at every level as you’re armed with the information and data you need at all times.

You can set up Toolbox talks, job hazard analysis and work authorisation forms in-app. You can communicate with your entire team, set tasks, and gain an overview of your entire operation, automating most of the communication when needed.

Say goodbye to admin tasks and hello to automation.

4. Facility Management Apps

Facility management apps can be built to streamline the workflow of a facility manager who is, let’s face it, already likely snowed under with requests!

We’ve discussed the benefits of facility management mobile apps in a previous article, but overall you can formalise processes and respond to all queries and capture data through one single platform rather than logging on to multiple email addresses, programs or portals thanks to the forms2 connector functionality.

Here’s an example:

Let’s say you’re a facility manager juggling multiple residences or buildings. You’ve asked your customers or tenants to submit the likes of maintenance requests via email, and you’re then sending a separate email out to contractors to fix any issues. You’re manually receiving emails and then sending out a separate job request to contractors.

Perhaps you’re even using a separate portal to submit those requests.

There are multiple steps at play here that could be almost completely automated.

With the forms2 platform, you can create a facilities management business app that connects to your email systems, perhaps Google Workspace. Once you receive a request from a tenant, you can stay within the dashboard and transfer that request to your contractor rather than logging into another portal or sending out a separate email.

With connectors, you can create automation for:

  • Maintenance requests
  • Fault reporting
  • Property surveying schedules
  • Building inspection schedules
  • Tenant vacating/moving in/eviction times and details

The Benefit:

The benefit here is that you can create a completely customisable dashboard or screen to suit the requests you need. Via conditional/skip logic, you can specify which contractor receives specific information depending on what fields you fill out and schedule times for repairs, see the status of work and get a complete overview of where your contractors are via geo-location, which building they’re attending thanks to check-in forms and confirmation that the tenant is happy with the work provided via contactless signature capture.

In one dashboard you can have all the information you could ever need, schedule your day and see what work is needed before you’ve had your morning coffee!

5. White Label Apps

You can also build completely white-label business apps with the forms2 platform.

Once you’ve built your forms and improved your workflows with the forms2 platform, instead of running them in the forms2 app, you have the option of purchasing a white label app with your company brand, published under your company name with no mention of forms2 anywhere.

The Benefit:

Building a white label app with forms2 is ideal when you’re collaborating with contractors as it ensures they know exactly which company they’re working for. It’s also extremely useful for brand awareness and setting a uniform approach to business processes – ideal for franchise owners who need all franchisees on the same page (or form!).

In addition, you can join our white label app partner program, building custom apps for your clients on the forms2 platform complete with their branding, colour schemes and digital copies of their existing mobile forms without any mention of the forms2 brand.

This allows you to become a solutions partner for clients and can lead to increased revenue streams for consultants and IT professionals.

Speak to us today about the forms2 partner program and become a mobile app solutions partner.

Final Thoughts On The Apps You Can Build With forms2

In a nutshell, if you can dream it, you can build it with forms2. The forms2 platform creates opportunities for enterprise-level companies and businesses to streamline data capture, automate tasks and completely revolutionise how you make business decisions.

In addition, our interface lets you seamlessly integrate our mobile forms builder into your workflow, whether you’re using Amazon Web Service, SQL Server, Salesforce and more.

View the full range of platforms you can integrate into your bespoke mobile form experience here.

We are the easiest and fastest mobile app solutions service with a drag-and-drop platform capable of servicing all industries including facilities, telecoms, manufacturing and more.

Speak to a platform specialist at forms2 and build your own scalable Android, iOS and Windows business apps and mobile forms in hours, not months.

14-day trial. No Fee. No obligation. Try today.

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