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How Art Systems saved £40,000p.a. with forms2 mobile forms and apps

Written by Jamie
April 14, 2022
Forms2 Artsystems


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Saving Art Systems 114-days and £40,000p.a. with forms2 mobile forms and apps

If you’re considering the forms2 platform for your mobile forms and business apps, ask yourself a couple of questions.

What could your business achieve if you were handed back 114 days a year?

What could you do with £40,000 extra budget per year?

Well, Steve Hawker at Art Systems managed to free up 114 days a year and rescue upwards of £40,000+ in wasted revenue with forms2.

And how did he do it?

By replacing unreliable paper forms with mobile forms. Armed with a no-code business app he built himself, using accurate data from mobile forms with mandatory fields and a barcode scanner he built using the forms2 platform.

No gimmicks or drawn-out analysis.

Just a killer no-code mobile form and app platform.

That he built. Himself. In days.

Let’s face it, if you’re reading this you’ve got a problem with a process in your business. And like Steve, you know the longer you leave that dragon, the bigger it’s going to get. And the more damage it’s going to cause, the more money you’re going to waste and customers you’re going to lose.

Learn how Steve skyrocketed productivity by clawing back 7.5 hours a day and saved upwards of £40,000 per year on average with mobile forms and apps that he built and scaled himself.

Read our testimonial from Art Systems and see how you can create lasting change through digital transformation, and build simpler, smarter workflows with forms2.

We saved around £25,000 a year in terms of administration with mobile forms. We now service twice as many calls as we serviced when we started with you. We couldn’t have entered the data, we couldn’t have lived with the challenges if we hadn’t implemented this automation with forms2.

Steve Hawker
Wholesale Distributor – Art Systems

Pop your email into the form box and read how Steve saved money and reporting time by creating a business app that solved his reporting errors, fixed data inaccuracies and reduced the cost associated with the damaging effects of lost products and warehouse mis-picks. 

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